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06/20/2006: i'm a long gone daddy

i am oot of pocket for few days. hopefully i will find a hotspot at the hospital.

i'll leave you with the highest VP$IP i have ever seen. i don't care if it is 6-handed...he was still putting money in 9 out of 10 hands for almost 30 hands.

i think Teddy KGB said it best: "berry aggressiave."


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well, my mom is out of recovery, in her room and dealing with some moderate pain. good news is all went well; they did find an abscess in her colon, above the portion that was being removed, so they removed it too. 4-5 days and she should be good to go.

while I have seen tons of hilarious, sad, and odd things today, nothing beats the McDonald's in the hospital lobby: get your heart fixed upstairs and re-clogged downstairs!

hasta luego...

bcd said @ 06/20/2006 09:52 PM CST

Glad to hear things went well. Yes, it sucketh getting old. Ad I know this from just spending a few days around my family...

DAC said @ 06/21/2006 03:57 PM CST

well. I spent 2 hours today uninstalling and updating mom's new Dell; those Apple commercials are so spot on. & wtf is with all the preloaded crap on PCs these days? netzero, AOL, and mindspring? how many internet connections can this PC have? & congrats to MS; 34 updates to XP. even with SP2 loaded. awsome!

Mom tried out for the 15th floor relay team today. she did 2 laps around the floor, which is highly encouraged by the doctor. still looking @ fri or sat, poss sun for release, but she is looking good. as for me, another sleepless night on a terrible foldout hospital bed: i'd take an Ambien, but I am afraid I might need to be awake for mom sometime in the night.

bcd said @ 06/21/2006 09:08 PM CST

mom is doing well; today they removed her wired heart monitor (telemetry) and also started her on liquid foods, which oddly includes jello and gelato. she's been walking small laps around the floor, which should aid her bowels in getting moving. still hoping for a sat or sun release.

finished Douglas Coupland's latest novel, JPod. interesting and witty, much of the same from him. also finally finished off Larry Dierker's book on his life with the Astros. he is one of my favorite Astro coaches, this book just making that moreso. currently work on a book by and about Cowbowy Wolford, rodeo & poker champeen!


bcd said @ 06/23/2006 01:40 PM CST

Good to hear!

DAC said @ 06/24/2006 07:48 AM CST

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