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06/30/2006: "just like everything else, those ol' crazy dreams just kinda came and went"

i have been busier than i can speak about. and since i finally had 4 hours off this afternoon, i am exactly one bottle of Syrah in.

that said, lemme run some thoughts, numbers, and shiet at ya'.....


levels: NLHE $3/$6, $5/$10, $10/$20 either 9-handed or 6-handed
93 sessions
4828 hands
65.48 hours
profit = $4201.65
BB/HR = 3.68
BB/100 = 4.99
VP$IP = 25.89
most profitable limit = $5/$10 NLH6H ($3324.65)
least profitable limit = $5/$10 NLHE9H (-1714.75)

all that said, shiet if i know shiet. i am nothing special, but hell if i don't enjoy playing. hobby? hell yes and it is fun. work? i feel soooooooooooooo sorry for you guys trying to make this a living.

other news? uh, hello Full Tilt and Poker Stars. Full Tilt rolled out their new GUI and it is so much nicer. they are, in fact, the bee's knees. the bad news? Poker Stars' beta for their new GUI - OMG, FMITGA. i may have to start playing there. fully re-sizeable tables. let me say that again, FULLY RE-SIZEABLE TABLES. da' nut. so when can i have a graphical hand history a la FTP? b/c that is FTP'S single most strength.....

in other news, i suck. brand new, dual 20.1" widescreen monitors. on FTP i can load 4 tables no overlap. why do i suck? b/c my shitty (integrated) vid card doesn't support the requiste 1680x1050....nope only 1600 by 1024. i will be upgrading PCs in the next week. yeah, i suck but i did move all my iTunes into a 250 GB external, so fsck you!

wifey home - date night ensues. happy fourth!

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