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09/17/2006: why are you always fucking ghosts?

"The disc is disjointed, lacks much in the way of cohesive musical character, and ultimately never really reaches to be anything more than a bunch of decent songs held together in the semblance of an album."

-- Peter Hepburn, Coke Machine Glow

"But you wouldn't know that by listening to the 10-minute closing track, "It's All Gonna Break", essentially a one-song capsule of the record's sprawling indulgences with five endings tacked on to its last five minutes. The song, like the entire record, is the ultimate slab of fraudulent superfluity, covering up an absence of new ideas by recycling older ones."

-- Zeth Lundy, Pop Matters

"With its doomsday provocation of a title, the epic Springsteenian endcap "It's All Gonna Break" bursts forth with enough ideas to keep a lesser band productive for years. The song ecstatically encapsulates Broken Social Scene's heightened ambitions and flawed Icarus journeys, conflating into a bold, brash love-in infatuated with its own bumps and bruises."

-- Ryan Dombal, Pitchfork Media

"proving that everyone has an asshole and some people think their's doesn't stink; the über denouement to an album that completely eclipses You Forgot It In People by fully using both studio wizardry and improvisation. if you need one song to make you understand, then listen and read below.

-- Brently Davenport, sellthekids

it's all gonna break,
it's all gonna break.
when i was a kid, you fucked me in the ass
but i took my pen to paper and i passed you
know i love the shit cause the shit it tastes so good,
i got pastures waiting in the woods.
cause it's all gonna break,
it's all gonna break.
treat me like a sign, sounds like so/oh well
i know times like these are the hell
and when you do the tricks, the tricks look so good
i got buried rumors waiting in the woods,
and they try to climb awake
and call me over,
skies they rape and skies are sober
minds they fake and minds rolled over
it's good, it's good, it's good.

i know that your dying,
i know it's true,
i know there's seven thousand things you rather be and rather do,
and i know that you fuck what you love
and you love what you fuck.

i'll keep them out girl, i'll keep it true
i'll do everything inside the skin of you
cause i know that the sound of your heart
is a god i can trust,
like a man,
not a boy
i don't love i just fight with the violence in ourselves
it's all gonna break
it's all gonna break
you all want the lovely music to save your lives
you all want the lovely music to save your lives
keep it coming
there is no lie to save your life
keep it coming
this is the lie to save your life
why are you always fucking ghosts?
why are you always fucking ghosts?
why are you always fucking ghosts?
it's been such a long
life that we trust
your heart is a whore
and love is just lust.
you want what you can't
and you can't cause of fear
we've got to get
out of here.
why are you always...
why are you always...

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