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03/19/2007: It's not the hand that you're dealt but how you're playin your cards

there was a time when i would read several books a month. i guess i was bored, or better managed my time. either way, i've always been a reader.

on the tail end of spring break, i just finished up two great books:

i've read Konik's stuff before. several years ago i happened across him in some periodical; and of course, when i picked up poker, it was required that i read Telling Lies and Getting Paid as well as The Man with the $100,000 Breasts. so i pretty much knew that his latest book on sports gambling would be good. it was.

Weinreb is new to me, but the subject of chess champions in the making piqued my interest. i again was not disappointed; well, except for when i finished the book in less than 24 hours and now i need to find something else to read.

do yourself a favor and pick these books up. good reading, even if like me, you are into neither subject.

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