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04/03/2007: "and so the best that I can do is pray"

it's been a long three months of poker.

"you play poker?", you ask.

yes. i still play poker. not as much. not 1000 hands/day. but still.

i think it was Freud who theorized that gamblers are really just masochists who seek punishment. thanks to Dostoyevsky for adding proof to this. anyway, it seems i have suffered every beat manageable in the past 90 or so days. just ruthless. and then today happened.

in recent memory:

*three outer, putting me out of the final table when donkey hits his shit kicker with his ace. what the hell is the use of trapping if fate is going to lower the boom...fscker.

*two outer for $500+ pot when river gives my opponent a set. oh yeah, and cracks my aces.

*one outer for $700+ pot when turn gives my opponent the mortal nuts - you heard me - the straight flush. no worries, it was all in on the flop. i was wearing no cup though.

there are more. no one cares. bad beat stories are like sharing masturbation fantasies - no one wants to hear yours and feels uncomfortable when you insist on telling them.

but today, no TODAY, luck indeed be a lady.

i ended up +150BB. i had two pots where the river improved my opponents hands, but not enough to beat mine. i've had that feeling and it sucks, to get two pair or make a set, only to see someone turn over the full house or flush. felt good to be on the other side.

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