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04/16/2007: "when all my dime dancin' is through "

played in the "Blogger Big Game" last night (while watching The Sopranos and Entourage). that should tell you something - that i didn't last much longer than 90 minutes. the good news is that i got in for $15.

i've played in two Token Frenzy donkuments and i have won a token in each ($75 & $26). so either i am very lucky or these tournaments are loaded with poor players. either one, maybe both.


my table draw last night is one that i will call difficult. i dunno if people who play with these guys regularly would agree, but i found several players selectively aggressively - and good at it!

cmitch, bdidde, change100, ftrain, smokkee...we took turns trying to steal from each other and didn't see a ton of showdowns in the first hour, so truth be told, maybe they had the goods. we'll never know.

i did manage to get all my money in to oossuuu754, being completely dominated to his AQ with my AJ (does this hand work for anyone, ahem, JoeSpeaker?) oossuuu754 raised 3xBB from the button, i called in the BB and we saw a rainbow flop, ace high. i check, hoping to get a continuation bet, oossuuu754 obliges and i come over the top with an all-in, which in hindsight maybe have been too much. i dunno. if i play conservatively, i would have been crippled (if i survived the hand) so, maybe it was right. i wanted some fold equity, and i honestly thought the chances of him having AK/AQ were slim. shows what i know. nice hand oossuuu754.

tonight is the MatH tourney, which i prolly will play using my other cheapie token. maybe i can avoid busting out with AJ. what is it with that hand?!?

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