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04/20/2007: "you're looking at me like, like i just asked you the fucking square root of something."

my tournament hold 'em game sucks. not in a funk; sucks.

i've been playing in the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments and i have been sucking. five tourneys, no money finishes. sure, i have three in the points finishes, but that is just some panty-waist measure created to encourage more play. money talks, bullshit-points walk.


Riverchasers Tour Event #8 - 85 entrants, i finish 19th. shitty.

what sucks even more is that for the first hour or so the deck raped me: kings twice, queens, aces once, AK, AQ, even AJ - all held up.

T.J. Cloutier has an article in Avery Cardoza's Player magazine that is entitled, "Five Attributes of Great Players". reading that list explains a lot about why my tourney game sucks.

1) Great Players Make Very Few Mistakes - i can't even begin to catalog the amount of mistakes i made last night. not betting when i should have, being too passive, being too aggressive, inability to fold - the laundry list. with such a chip stack in the early rounds last night, i failed to punish the table, to loosen up, to show some bluffs, to induce action - basically to dial-up the game. the result: by second break i was an average stack, timid and had an M of 8. Cloutier says he probably makes one mistake for every 10 plays - 10%. he thinks that is good. i must be making 5-7 for every 10.

2) Great Players Have An Innate Sense Of Things - what Cloutier says Doyle calls "recall" in Super System. the first two tournaments i blew stacks betting into guys i should have known were not bluffing. re-raising with medium pairs, overbetting into 4-1 dog scenarios, shitty play. my recall sucked. maybe i should start playing these things in my study, with the TV off. laying in bed, WiFi-ing it on the laptop may not be helping. certainly is affecting my recall of situations and plays.

3) Great Players Know How To Make More Money On A Hand - last night, after multiple instances open raising with a big pocket pairs, inducing laydowns and showing my hands, i again drew KK. IIRC, i was in the big blind. there were one or two limpers and the button raised roughly 3xBB. i was last to act. now i have already shown some big hands - basically proving that when i raise, i have the goods. with this raise in front of me, i should have smooth called, hoping to get two callers behind me. a tricky play, but one that if the flop helps me, i will win more. instead i re-raise 3x the raise, blowing out the two limpers. the button eventually calls and we see a flop that is jack-high. two-thirds pot bet gets the button to fold, who said he had AJ. at first i was smug, knowing that i had earned some money with my premium hand. but did i earn as much as i could have? doubtful. and all my play is like that. risk-aversion.

4) Experts Don't Burn Up Their Chips - does this include running AJ into AQ? or 8s into jacks? limping when i should have been raising. not button raising enough. i burn more chips than Iranians burn US flags. shitty.

5) True Champions Have Stood The Test Of Time - no need to talk here; not even close to being a "fake" champion.

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Great Champions are also always learning. Keep it up.

SirFWALGMan said @ 04/23/2007 04:33 PM CST

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