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04/30/2007: "without difficulties, life would be like a stream without rocks and curves...."

when they hear of the Way,
the highest minds practice it;
the average minds think about it
and try it now and then;
the lowest minds laugh at it.
if they did not laugh at it,
it would not be the Way.

-- Lao-tse


my poker game has been in such shambles lately that i have decided to seek outside help: my wife and i are going to see the His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama tomorrow. weee! think my Caddyshack quotes will come in handy?

in all seriousness, we are very excited to have this opportunity. i am amazed that Rice was able to set this up and very happy it was open to the public. i am not looking for a life changing event, but i am excited and anticipate that it will be an experience that i can learn from.

in other life news, my wife has decided to start cooking for our dogs. solely. we have six dogs, who for those who don't know, are treated better than most people treat their children. and they are our children. this new home feeding policy is a direct result of the pet food scandal. this article today pretty much made my blood boil; after i stopped shaking my head it made me sad for our rapidly expanding global marketplace and those who will inevitably be harmed by it.

individuals, businesses, multinational corporations and even countries can only be expected to be as honest as the least of the players. owning our own business has made me much more dark and pessimistic about humans and our condition. i encounter daily events and actions that make me wonder how and why any divine being could even think about our creation. i guess that is why all those creationists call it faith. beats me.

anyway, let's hope the Dalai Lama can help my brain cloud.

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A donut with no hole is a danish.

Heard some quotes from the speech on NPR the last couple of days. Apparently Houston's a compassionate city.

Or, the closest big city to New Orleans -- one of the two.

DAC said @ 05/02/2007 04:36 PM CST

i was shocked by how many times he said we were a compassionate city. made me wonder if he has been out and about in Houston.

then again, the talk was on compassion and his whole angle was that compassion is innate and eternal and all we have to do is recognize it in ourselves.

bcd said @ 05/02/2007 05:49 PM CST

MP3s from the event:



bcd said @ 05/22/2007 10:24 AM CST

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