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05/09/2007: wow, only a true friend would be that truly honest

take your pic(k) - below are the top four non-money finishers (of the top 50) in the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments:

5th.   jeciimd
34th. willwonka
47th. sellthekids
48th. ringo6624 (no blog listed)

let's see if tonight i can cash and ditch this crew (no offense!)

Replies: 2 Comments

Wow, is that all it takes to make some blogger MTT money... mention in the blog.

I'll have to try that..

Nice going last night.

willwonka said @ 05/10/2007 04:54 PM CST

it helps to be a luckbox too....

bcd said @ 05/10/2007 05:37 PM CST

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