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05/21/2007: "arrogance and self-awareness seldom go hand in hand"

long time no see. the usual mish-mash here, so let's list out what will be after the jump:

* read Cards by Jonathan Maxwell

* read Bigger Deal by Anthony Holden

* read Broke by Brandon Adams

* watched Casino Royale

* played in a few blogger tourneys - final tabling and cashing

* played some live poker

* interviewed three times with the same company

and any other shiet i can think of. c'mon, follow my leader.


since my last post, i have gotten pretty lucky tourney wise. i cashed for small amounts twice in blogger tourneys, but that is cashing nonetheless. last night in The Big Game i final tabled and went out ninth. not impressive. why? b/c early on i doubled up with AA vs. JJ and then later almost doubled again with "dems quads, beeches" (actually was queens too!) all that and i went out 9th. why?

Dar had just come home from Tyler, where her mom was having surgery. she wanted to sit around and chat, have a few drinks, and watch the Sopranos, Entourage, and Real Time with Bill Mahr. i subsequently spent very little time playing my hands, or more aptly playing my opponents. i just kinda waited around, particularly in the middle stages when i should have been accumulating. my fault. duly noted. probably time i start playing these things in my office instead of on the couch.

anyway, i basically have luck boxed my way up in the standings. nothing impressive, but i have seen glimmers of hope in my play, particularly when i have made some moves based on reads, regardless of the hands i have had. oh yeah, i did manage to suck out on Waffle in one tourney. wee!

played eight hours of live $1/$2 in my fav local card room on Sat. with the wifey out of town from Thurs till Sun, this was a prime opportunity to play and play late. total win? $50. no lie. while that is 25BB, it is a sad, sad win to book. very first hand i lost an entire buy-in. very first hand.

walking in to the card room i formulated my plan to buy-in for 100BB. in this $1/$2 that is short. but i figured i haven't played live in 2-3 months and certainly wouldn't recognize hardly any of the players. true to form, Paul Esfandiari puts me on the list and i see 5 full tables of players who i don't know. most peeps have $500-$1K in front of them. $200 is going to be a pittance. no sooner can i light a cig in the smoke room than Paul puts me in table seven, seat three - my favorite seat. usual mix: one stoner, long hair in seat two; middle-aged guy who had a bitching camaro (a 1969 no less) in seat four; two asians of various origin in seats five and six; jabba the hut in seat seven, old man river in seat eight; stoner/hottie/later-to-be-named topless dancer in seat nine. nice table. so first hand, UTG i look and peel back red AhKd. nice. i have zero reads and no clue how the table is even playing. so i limp. well-played, sir. call, call, fold, jabba the hut raises to ten, call, call, i call, fold, call. so me, unknown asian, jabba, old man river and flash dance see the flop. roughly $60 in the pot. x-x-K, which is little-little, two hearts, no straight board. i bet $35, trying to keep flushes from calling, and define my hand. only jabba calls. pot holds roughly $140, i am in for $45. turn comes offsuit ten, i am first to act. i bet $70. i am assuming the PFR has a flush draw, but i am also fearing he might have a set. no real read and i am afraid to check to him and lose pot control. jabba has about $500 in front, most in green. now i have $70 left. $210 in the pot. jabba goes all-in. craptacular. i gotta call, pot committed, TPTK. we roll - he has K-10. K-10? wtf? that is an open-raise hand? ok, nh, sir, i suck. Paul brings me $300 more in green and away we go.

long story short - it takes me about 5 hours of up-down play to eek back to even. i eventually earn that $50 profit. god live poker is rigged.

i've been interviewing with a tech company for a software related analyst position. i pretty much felt i had the job sewed up and was expecting an offer this past Wed. instead i get a call from the company asking me to come back in and interview with the app dev manager. seems they have a developer leaving and now want to have the two departments fight over where i am going to work. nice. so i have now interviewed with three managers and the company VP. manager #1 assured me that i will be working somewhere in some capacity for them. i should hear back this Thurs or Fri with what i hope will be two offers and my choice of positions and managers. i should be so lucky. stay tuned for more of, "Brently Goes to Work, Again!"

watched Casino Royale from Amazon Unbox this weekend. wow. the new Bond is Tha Man. i was actually impressed. he's certainly no Timothy Dalton. heh. plot was pretty interesting, some amazing stunts, and how about that card game, kiddos. NLHE $100K/$200K blinds. i did not see Aba or lfisgd playing. hmmm. overall i was happy with the movie, which is a Bond-first in the last 7-10 years?!?! intro song by Chris Cornell and the intro graphics maybe the best yet, although i am still partial to Paul McCartney & Wings doing "Live and Let Die". both good stuff. oh yeah, made me want a Vesper too!

a week ago i ordered three poker books from Amazon. i just finished them all up this past week and have to say, they are all good reads. i was really impressed with Cards from Jonathan Maxwell. reminded my of Jesse May's Shut Up and Deal. when it arrived i thought it was going to be as short as Broke, but opening it up reveals 8 point font! lots of reading packed in those pages. although the book could use some serious editing (there are many spelling errors and several glaring usage errors) it still reads well and the plot keeps moving. of all the three books, this was my favorite.

Holden's new book is good, as good as Big Deal. but just as the poker world has changed, so has the poker book world. while an interesting read, it covers much of the same themes in Big Deal. still, Holden has a gift as a writer and his tales never paint him as a braggadocio, even though he is obviously a skilled player.

Broke is a good book too, but unfortunately is really the length of an extended magazine article. i dunno if i recommend spending several bucks for something that takes less than an hour to read.

in related book news, i bought Chuck Palahniuk's new book Rant. looking forward to that!

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