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07/05/2007: kelevra

been a while, welcome, have a seat. today will be all seat-of-the-pants non-sequiters, so if that ain't your thing....

be honest with yourself, corporate american pigdog peons: out of a forty hour week, you are lucky to get 15 hours of "real" work done. come clean.

is there greater joy than getting to the office first and getting to bust the cherry of the nightly cleaned shitters? doubtful....

clamato sounds sick. but i think it is great in your shitty bud light. nice hand, sir.

fat is demeaning. i prefer "brandoesque".

making a mistake in NLHE is only compounded by making it with ace-jack.

i am so sick of hearing all the iShit. sure, it looks great. nice screen. awsome browser. so can we move on now? iJesusChrist....

i am going to buy a Wii. you don't need to talk me into it. i am just gonna do it. i am a consumer. i am american. and Bush told me to.

dear American Express: we regret to inform you that your commercials with faux social responsibility are missing by a mile. seriously, how much are you spending on the air time alone? and how much did you cough up to Donny Deutsch to make that shitty air spot? and you are going to donate a million to one lucky winner to give to his charity? fsck you.

the new Spoon album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, makes me giddy.

for my 40th b-day, i will either win or buy my way into the WSOP...that's July 2011. fmitga.

see god, Kai.

dear corporate megabusiness, we regret to inform you that [insert employee's name here] morale and drive to work has died. in future events, please never schedule a national day off in the middle of the week. kind regards, your government.

sleep is in fact where i am a viking.

the poorest developed skill of ANY employee at ANY business is the ability to listen. it is also the most valuable.

at what point does David Cross get to be called prescient?

UPDATE: 07/21/07
the Wii arrived yesterday. ZOMG - it is so fun. the bowling is awsome and super addictive. haven't even tried any other games. had to buy 3 remotes ($40 a pop!) and then i got Wii Play. rented Zelda, Barnyard, Monkeyball....we'll see if they get played at all or if Dar and i just bowl for days. high score so far: me with 201! look out Gavin Smith.....

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Yo sellthekids, I know I won the Waffles bounty of your copy of "Bigger Deal" about a week ago but I have forgotten your email address. Can you let me know how to reach you and I'll give you my mailing info? Thanks.

HammerPlayer a.k.a. Hoyazo said @ 07/09/2007 12:34 PM CST


in case you check back, email it to: spam @ sellthekids . com

bcd said @ 07/15/2007 09:04 PM CST

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