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07/15/2007: let them hate me as long as they fear me

i played in a live $100 NLHE tourney on sat. 30 min levels, with somewhat crappy blind escalation (remember these local clubs want you playing raked games, not tourneys.) they had 200+ players! they only had seating for 140, so there were 60+ alternates. amazing.

i played well, but made several mistakes and ended up almost blinding out in 24th place. only top twenty payed.

the most major mistake was after the third break, with blinds at 1K/2K (no antes) and my M at about 5 (which sadly was average) i decided to play conservative and hope to pickup a hand. bad decision.

i should have been much more aggressive. being card dead is no excuse for performance.

anyway, i was pretty sad at busting out of the money. 1st was $6K+. but it was my fault and i knew it. my game still needs work.

in other news, my desktop at home is all setup again. new 350GB HDD with Vista installed. had to get a new sound card b/c the other was not Vista compatible. went ahead and bought new speaker setup too. oh yeah, and since this is Vista, i am now running 3GB of memory. resource hog!


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