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07/18/2007: there is a time in every mans education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide

sometimes mistakes can be funny.

last night i played in a tourney on Poker Stars - $2+$.20. i thought i was playing in a satellite for the Sunday Million. except it said satellite for the Sunday $100000. uh, missing a zero there chief. so i won entry into a $10+$1 tourney. ok, fine. not what i was expecting, but ok.

so tonight i actually paid attention: i signed up for a double shootout for the Sunday Million. historically, i am not great at double shootouts. i can win my first table a fair percentage of the time, but closing the second table has been my bane.

i am monkeying with my tourney game - a lot. i am in the middle of several books, the best of which i think is the Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition. i have read several of the chapters more than twice, and i am wearing out Gavin Smith's chapter on big stack play.

in other news, i am thinking of moving more of my tourney play to Poker Stars. the structures there, as far as round times and limits, are better than Full Tilt's. i love Full Tilt; their GUI is the best in the market. and i like their tournament buy-ins and guarantees. but 10 minute rounds are bullshit. 10 minute rounds are what the crappy live rooms in Houston run. why? their goal is to get you to play live when you bust out during WPT-like blind escalation. why does Full Tilt not match Poker Stars 12 and 15 minute rounds? no idea. i mean, some idea: i know it deals with formulas and earn rates, etc. but for a site that is populated and run by pros, you would think they would get the idea that the structures suck ass. i heard more interviews with Full Tilt pros during the WSOP bitching about the limit structures. hello - remove the plank from thy own eye there, HeyZeus.

so, this Sunday i will be trying my hand at Poker Stars, in both the $100K and Million guarantees. i really have not played there in at least four months, so maybe it will be good for my game. i am sure of one thing, the fields will be huge and the prize pool will be ginormous. weee!

if anyone reading this and is a member of Poker X Factor or Card Runners, please let me know. i am considering each and don't really know which is better. and at least in the beginning, i am only getting one.


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Yeah the tourney structures on Stars are much better.

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