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07/22/2007: "call me what you want as long as you don't call me broke"

busted out of the Poker Stars Sunday Million earlier. went out 698th turning my $12 into a little more than $400. all in all, i am pretty bummed out with my performance.

i recall Joe Sebok on PokerWire Radio talking about something Barry G told him: if you bust out on a hand where you got it all in and had a bigger stack take you out, the person to blame is yourself; why did you let yourself get low enough to need to get it all in? Barry's point was, the mistakes you made prior to that hand are to blame for your situation. see the chapter in Ace On The River discussing chaos theory.

so even though i started the level i busted in with a perfectly average stack, my M was a paltry 11. i then proceeded to bluff off 2/3 of my stack to a guy who had shown himself to be a suckout artist (congrats CA MTNeer!) so although i had a gutshot and i was pretty sure he was bluffing with a hand worse than mine, i could not call his turn bet that would have essentially put me all in. that left me with T30K+. shitty. so i played this hand poorly and then suffered a bust out when 2-3o in the BB rivered a Wheel. i was leading to the river with my 10-7o. no joke.

anyway, cry me a river, blah, blah, blah; these stories are not new. but i really was unhappy with my play at the end. even though it seemed like it was only one hand, sometimes all it takes is one.

ps - notice JohnnyBax busted right above me in 696th. heh.

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in other news, the Wii is a big hit. my wife is loving Wii bowling and i caught her actively searching the web on Sat for other games. any bad words i said about the Wii prior to its launch were highly exaggerated. i am thinking that i might be able to use the Wii as a stepping stone to buying an Xbox 360 prior to the 2007 holiday season, which is my current plan; Guitar Hero is already out for the 360, and i know Dar is looking forward to the Wii version - hey, why wait till Oct?!?!

there will be a new PSP soon. makes mine look old and ginormous. jeez.

stuposedly i have jury duty on Tues. i have not even been called for jury duty since i was in college, easily 15 years ago, and i vote in all the elections. maybe it will be a good case? maybe i won't get chosen? maybe i should go in with my tatoos ablazing? heh. we'll see....

we watched Premonition on Sat night. not bad. at least a 7. Dar liked it and would probably rate it higher.

spent all day Sat at the Houston Dog show. we took Zoe, Tito, and Jules with us. we seriously could only walk 30 ft without being stopped and having people gaulk, ask questions, etc. they are cuties....

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