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07/27/2007: that's how you become great, man. you hang your balls out there.

i've been a bit surly the last couple of days...or weeks. my script ran out and although i had it called in and filled, i kept forgetting to pick it up. so i went about three weeks off my meds. not like i was going to turn into a serial killer or anything, but i can certainly tell that it effects my ability to withstand the onslaught of modern life; i was perfectly honest and true when i said i wanted to slap the shit out of some of the people at jury duty...i really wanted to!

anyway, last night i went off on some dillweed who sucked out on me in a tourney on Poker Stars. it wasn't that he sucked out on me per say, it was that his avatar was a pic of his kid and it was fucking ugly. seriously, the avatar was putting me on table tilt. so when he caught a 3 outer to send me to the rail, i went a little nuts. surprised i didn't get a PS chat warning email.

so this is my 3rd day back on my meds. it takes about 10-14 days to get back to normal, so please excuse any outburst in post form.

normally i would also apologize to Full Tilt here for my endless rant on them after the BBT Freezeroll. but i am not going to. Full Tilt really does have the best GUI in the online poker space. and their "Play with the Pros" and "Guarantee" tournaments are awesome selling points. but damn it, Jim, their tourney structures blow kittens and they truly have some of the worst support out there. i mean ePassporte-level support. shit-it-it-tay.

here's what should have happened the other night: the moment the tournaments froze system-wide, the website should have been updated to reflect the issue and the resolution path. as far as i could tell in my hour dealing with the freeze, this never happened. once the problem is resolved, emails should be flying out of Full Tilt like monkeys in The Wizard of Oz. i have yet to get ANY email regarding the issue. none. wtf, Full Tilt? step up for fuck sakes.

you know, i am not asking for anything physical; i am sure they refunded tourney buy-ins and it is not like i want something extra; i just want a site to treat me the way i treat my business' customers when issues arise: fix the problem, apologize, tell me how you are insuring it doesn't happen again, and move on. silence = death.

well, this Sunday is the uber-Sunday Million on PS. i have played five double-shootouts and not won a seat. in three of those five i have been bounced in hands where i was 70/30. ugh. so unless i win a seat on Sat, it is looking like i won't be playing in this one. since it is a $500 buyin, i am willing to play satellites for about 20% of the buyin, so i have some space left. we'll see.

ok, i think i got that all out. maybe more later. i am going to go back to work now and make sure the code i have pushed to production isn't crashing HSBC. ;-)

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