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09/17/2007: natural need to own what ain't earned

greetings and salutations! catching up with depeche mode? no, me!

been doing a little bit of this and that, nothing truly noteworthy. crushing a good bit of music now that i am cube-bound for > 8 hours/day. attended an alzheimer’s benefit / fashion show / auction on sat. played a live tourney sat afternoon. got both of my parents in and out of the hospital. had my car hit and repaired twice in three weeks. let's catch up!

the Tues prior to labor day my dad had his hip replacement surgery. he had finally gotten to the point where the pain was making his quality of life pretty poor. he was in the hospital until Sunday of that week and is making a great recovery at home. Thursday of that same week my mom had a doctor's appointment with her cardiologist. she was not feeling great - was weak and having issues breathing. this deterioration of her health had come about over two weeks or so. while i knew she was not feeling great, i was not aware of how poorly she felt. boo me for not paying more attention. the doc listened to her lungs and made her an appointment with the hospital. so she checked in that Thursday afternoon. both parents in the hospital at once - hooray for davenport health! anyway, after pulling five or so pounds of water off her lungs, mom was much better. heart health was fine and doctor attributed this bout to poor diet and no exercise. so she is on a 2000mg/day sodium restriction and doing 3x/week cardiac rehab (exercise admin'd by physical therapy peeps.) we went Monday (Labor Day) to the Lexus dealership and got her a new RX330. she needed a new car and was not going to do it herself. now that she has it, she wonders why she waited so long. so, all told, the parents are recovering well and hopefully we have some time added for these issues.

also during that same time i was rear-ended on 59 during morning commute and then Labor Day weekend (just after getting my car back) some moron ran into my car that was parked in a restaurant valet. i just got it back again on fri. ugh. now i know why i don't buy brand new cars. i took it pretty well, if i do say so myself.

speaking of not taking things so well, i played a live $300 NLHE tourney on sat. it had $10K added to the prize pool, so i was hoping for a big score. 12 minutes before the first two hour break my chance came: pocket kings under the gun. blinds @ 50/100, i raised to T400. cutoff raised all-in, covering me by about T500. i had T3200 (of an initial T5000). BB thinks and puts in his last T1500. i of course call. if it is aces, then so be it. cutoff has 77. BB has AKo. wow - how much more lucky could i get! turn comes a 7. i fucking hate poker. i was kinda a dick as i left the table. well, i am trying to improve my temper control...today was not the day.

we went to an alzheimer’s benefit on sat. we had some goods in the silent auction and the money went to a good cause. my wife got tilted when she lost a bag she was bidding on. some lady sniped her at the last minute and bid $1 more than her bid. $1. good thing all the stuff was donated and the money went to charity. nice showing missouri city white trash, nouveau riche. so poor.

as we head towards the end of the year i am sorting out my 2007 music choices. i have been lucky to have had a desk job since June, which has afforded me the chance to hear some great stuff. so far i am loving the 2007 releases of Aesop Rock, Kanye West, Earlimart, Common, Fiest (who is in the new Apple Nano commericals!), El-P, Kings of Leon, M83, Modest Mouse, QotSA, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Smashing Pumpkins, Spoon, Tegan and Sara....there is enough there for you guys to start out; some great stuff. big ups to David for always keeping me in the musical loop!

have a good week you crazy kids!

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