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10/10/2007: hey cocksmoker, eat a bag of dicks

big day in the music industry. well, big for some, and by some i mean anyone that is not a major record label. sorry BMG....

Radiohead's new offering, In Rainbows is available today via download from the band's website. that point right there makes it pretty original: a major band with a global following offering their latest via their own site. sure, the likes of Phish, Pixies, etc have done similar things, but it is still pretty much a rarity. as an aside, i never can figure out why that is. i guess DRM. the music world is still afraid of offering up "free" music that can be passed around just like we used to do with cassette tapes. for those not old enough, cassette tapes sucked b/c they were a linear progression format...but it was the best we had. anyway, offering up their wares for download is not the most original aspect of today's release. no, the most original is the "pay what you want" price point. that's right, if you want to get it for free, then belly-up-to-the-bar and download away. no DRM, nothing. pass it around. burn it. put it into your iPod. go nuts! sure, i realize that it is not that wild that a band the size of Radiohead pass out their music this way. i mean, these guys are surely as rich as Mick & the boys. but nonetheless, they are paying all the costs and risking lower returns on their art.

as i have previously bitched, bands don't get it (re: how to attract paying customers in the 21st century.) well, Radiohead is one band that gets it. to encourage payment, they are offering a special box set that comes with vinyl LPs, special tracks, and in Radiohead-style, the artwork. available in Dec it will be roughly $140 US. and of course, you get the downloads today too. see, IMHO, if you are a band and want to make your way in the 21st century, then you better offer something beyond the music. in business speak it would be labeled under 'differentiation' and 'extension'. oh, and i guess 'vertical integration' since they are doing the distribution. oh yeah, and invoking the 'law of diminishing costs' that digital goods get to apply. wow, those crazy musicians are smart!

see, they are different b/c unlike say the recent Kanye West release Graduation, where via iTunes i got a digital booklet and a bonus track, Radiohead is going one better. you gotta admit, free is a pretty good price. if you have a conscience, or even like the band/music, then paying a meager $5 US is better than paying $9.99 via iTunes. plus, different than iTunes, if you have the wherewithal, go nuts and get the box set. lots of extra goodies there. oh, did i mention it is DRM free?

anyway, i know that Radiohead is not the first to do this...but they are the biggest i think to try it so far. so i ponied up $7 US and downloaded away. it's been awhile since i have listened to Radiohead. earlier this year i listened to a complete cover album of OK Computer, released for it's 10th anniversary. scary, ten years! remember that time in college where you hit Spring Break like a demon possessed, drinking tequila like it was water only to yak the next day like Linda Blair during her 15 minutes of fame? that's OK Computer for me. too much of a good thing. similar to Nirvana's Nevermind: i played it so much that i still can't listen to it. that's not to say it isn't a great album by a great band, just that i might have ruined it for myself for the next 10 years!

anyway, i am listening to In Rainbows now.

in other news, the post title is twofold. first, not one but two of my local cardrooms are closed. el sucko. not sure what happened, but it leaves me short for local play and i r pissed. sure there are other clubs, but i really liked these two. and of course, online is still a deposit/withdrawal crapshoot. not sure i fully trust ePassporte. whole deal makes me want to yell, "FUCK!!!"

secondly, i dunno if it is me, or if the fact that we are into Oct has something to do with it, but the Houston drivers are on my last fucking nerve. in the past week i have seriously considered killing some mother fuckers. it seems everywhere i go people are inconsiderate, have their heads up their asses, lack the necessary skills, etc. seriously, it reinforces why i don't have a concealed carry permit. but it is hard not to fantasize about opening my trunk up, whipping out my CAR-15 and going all Heat on some gangbanger-wannabe punk and his POS Honda lowrider. does that make me a bad person? heh. just keep taking your meds, Mr. Davenport.

well, i am off for some more Radiohead. hasta!

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www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG6X-xtVask I thought you might find interest in the way our state government works.

Tax dollars at work said @ 10/15/2007 10:03 AM CST

The box set thingy was $82 and change. You can fondle mine when it arrives in mid-December...

I hear ya on the traffic. Calm blue ocean.

DAC said @ 10/15/2007 04:09 PM CST

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