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10/17/2007: changes are taking the pace i'm going through

ok, little changes here and there and i need some help: i have tried to add feeds to this site...whether it is working or not is anyone's guess. hopefully i will get to look later and if it isn't then i can trouble shoot more. anyone with any ideas/feedback, lemme know. i don't use feeds in my blog reading; my generation is to old and stubborn to do anything new-fangled and efficient. but i am trying.

also, i have added comment validation in the hopes that i can eliminate spam. i realize that spam is essentially my entire posting-readership, but nonetheless, it bugged me and i fixed it. i know that works. so comment away!

previously mentioned, my two local favorite card rooms have been closed. someone at work noticed some $1 chips from The Palms sitting on my desk and asked me if i was there during the raid. while i figured it was raided, what i didn't know was the level of misinformation and heavy-handedness that has transpired.

silly me, when i got the email about the closing, i only checked one local news site; i don't really watch local news, so i checked what i grew up with. well, little did i know that only one local channel covered it and was on hand immediately following the raid for the perp-walk. wow. link here and here

sucks - they are charging the dealers with engaging in organized crime, a felony offense . wow. i guess HPD is sending out a message: respect the law. pretty rough.

let's address some of the stuff in the article here: yeah, the place was locked down, with cameras on the doors, buzzers to be let in, key cards with computer pics to identify players, and even an off-duty sheriff who patrolled the parking lot. yes, law enforcement in the parking lot. and while i am sure some of that was to make it tougher for local law enforcement to make entry, the major reason was to protect the players. end of story. the building was not barricaded and locked down to avoid raids - it was to stop thugs from using it as an easy rip joint. and it worked well. as a matter of fact, one of the reasons i liked playing there was that it seemed safe. i did not have to worry about carrying a roll and getting jumped.

secondly, while i have no idea what the place dragged in rake, it was not the high roller club here in houston. there are several, places where routinely games will have $20K+ on the table. this was not that place. generally, $1/$2 was the spread. most people played under $1K. the PLO games could get bigger, but this was not Farha's place - and yes, he plays in houston when he comes back to town. so this was no high-roller joint. it was a local card club where you would find bartenders to lawyers playing for fun.

now, i get it: gambling is illegal and what this club did was illegal. none of us who played there had an illusions about who was breaking the law. and certainly, the guys running this place made some coin - i would imagine at least enough to live on. but no one was getting rich. and nothing other than gambling went on there. no hookers. no drugs. no guns. no fights. we played cards. heck, i know there were many times when i arrived more drunk than when i left!

anyway, makes me sad. really sad for the dealers, who i liked and who i know were not rolling in the dough. and now i am stuck with online.

in happier online news, Full Tilt loves us bloggers. someone needs to give Uncle Tilty a big wet kiss, b/c they treat us right. the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 2 starts this sunday. FTP is kicking in an Aussie Millions package. god damn that is sweet. i can't figure out why people play at places like Absolute, UB, etc. FTP and Poker Stars all the way, baby.

see you guys this sunday at the first tournament - Miami Don's Big Game!

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