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10/21/2007: i'm sorry two words i always think after you've gone when i realize i was acting all wrong

well, i am out o' the Big Game in 40th (57 runners). KK cracked by QQ on a flopped set. normally this might be a bad beat; but - only reason i made it to 40th was that i cracked CEM's AA with my set of queens (we were all-in preflop, unlike in my hand where i did not re-raise all in PF.) so, i got lucky and then it ran out. tournaments are like that.

in other news, i hate boston. film at 11. god i hope those bastards don't win tonight. next to the yankees, i can't think of a shittier team. bunch of prima donna, overpaid bitches. hey Manny, suck a dick.

ok, got that out. next.

looking forward to the blogger tourney series. i dunno who Al knows, but we all owe Al a 1.75 of SoCo. one bottle from each of us might carry him through the 8 week series. heh!

we switched gyms this week. hopefully i will get to workout manana. our previous gym, LA Fitness, was run by what could only be described as "common business morons" (CBM)©. in our two years there, these jackasses have yet to implement towels or vending machines that sell water. so what, you say? well, that means you either bring bottled water with you, or you get no hydration. no big whoop. it's not like any reputable fitness guru would tell you to stay hydrated. i mean shit, i barely even work up a sweat doing 5 miles on that awful endless staircase...or during spin class. seriously, i thought i saw Kevin Costner in there one day drinking his urine. fucktards. and towels? yeah, as in something to wipedown the machines when you are done? and yes - they have been asked repeatedly about these two issues (by more peeps than just me.) so anyway, we went to a new place, open 24 hours and guess what: 3 vending machines with water and sports drinks plus hand towels and shower towels. all you can eat, baby!

so anyway, this got me to thinking: being a small business guy, i wondered why so many small businesses seem out-to-lunch regarding how to operate. case and point: new pizza place opened up near us; it's a real joint, with an awsome bar and real pizza, the stuff that takes 45 min to cook and you can actually get spinach and garlic on five grain crust. good shit too. so anyway, were sitting at the bar, finishing our salads and waiting for the pizza and some steelers' jersey-wearing chop comes to the bar with his empty pitcher and orders shitty miller light. in other words, usual dumb fucking football dickweed. anyway, he chats up the bar guy saying in effect that they usually go to BW3 for football on sunday's, but it is so packed they decided to come here, knowing it would not be. bartender serves him and sends him on his merry way. now, what do you think the bartender's next move should be? how much do you think these mouthbreathers will spend if they come each sunday for futbol? i leaned over to my wife and told her any bartender worth his salt would send them a free pitcher and appetizer. cost? less than $10 with big upside. but heck, it's not the bartenders place, right? he is just there while he finishes his screenplay....i'll never forget what one of houston's uber-successful restaurateurs told me: you are running a bar that serves food, not a restaurant that serves liquor. think about it.

Dar and i see daily the effects of poor decisions and lack of foresight by small business peeps. for instance - people seem really in a rush to build into new strip center space. hey, i know, location location location. but! but! but - the cost to build out a new space can run upwards of a couple of $100K. ours was going to be $180K. that is sunk cost before you even open your doors. servicing that debt is a heavy load on a new business. will it leave you 6-12 months of operating capital? no? danger will robinson, danger!

how about signage? those simple channeled lights, nothing fancy? $2-5K on avg. and bang for your buck? will it get you as much traffic as targeted advertising? doubtful.

there are tons more. the shit i have learned (some of it the hardway) amazes me. not b/c it is groundbreaking stuff; quite the contrary, it would see pretty easy shit to figure out, but some people don't. weird.

well, i am going to drowned in this scotch (Balvenie 21 - woot!) and then rack out.


donking around, smurfing the web, i just noticed the Poker Road is up and running! woot woot! i have been waiting with baited-breath (vodka baited for those who care) for this site to get up and running b/c Joe and Gavin are hil-fucking-arious...and i like their style. so check it out and keep going back!

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