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10/25/2007: i will try to understand, everything has its plan, either way

greetings and salutations!

last night's Mookie was jammed; over a hundred runners! wouldn't it have been nice if i had actually gone deep? well i didn't. as a matter of fact, i did about the most rookie thing i could, going broke early with single top pair. just didn't think the straight was out there. well, it was.

to redeem myself, i signed up for the $14K Guarantee. some better play and some luck (all in preflop with 66 vs 88 - but hey, that 88 was quite the hero call; the right call, but still a hero call). 41 out of 576...sure wish i had played tougher and gone deeper. so is life.

it's official: i am excited. Sat @ midnight is the release of Guitar Hero III! i plan on spending all of sunday bunkered down trying to learn the game. since i have never played I or II, i have a massive learning curve. i hope it lives up to my expectations b/c i am really excited.

did i mention wifey is leaving town today? will be gone till sunday for her nephew's birthday (6th? 7th?) in the piney woods of east texas. so i really will get some Guitar Hero III time in. probably will watch all the extras on the second 300 DVD too!

tonight is the Riverchasers...gonna try and make some headway.


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