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11/05/2007: they gaped, they gasped, they stared

for those of you who know me, some of you may say i have a drinking problem; not me: i don't miss my mouth with any regularity and often i drink and then fall down - no problem. nonetheless, in light of recent events, i decided to have a few drinks on Friday night. the result was waking up Saturday morning and finding the kitchen counter stacked with empties, empties that had earlier comprised my entire bar, of which contained at least two bottles of greater than $70 scotch, some awsome gin, an unopened bottle of rum gifted to me from someone who went to Jamaica. etc etc etc.

now you might ask yourself, why would i either drink all that or at the least pour it out? well, twasn't me, dear reader. part of my wife's Saturday morning tirade was to tell me, "that's why i poured out $400 worth of fucking alcohol." nice manners, babe.

in my defense, i had taken three ambien. the resulting actions were more the drugs than the very little bit of alcohol i had imbibed. said actions may or may not have included falling into our jacuzzi tub. and sleeping fully clothed.

still doesn't fix my vacant bar.

in other news, after sulking all weekend and being in rather sad state of malaise, i did awake this morning at 5AM feeling somewhat better.

not a lot else to report. wife wanted to go to some nursery in Seabrook on Saturday, which also required us stopping in Kemah on the way home. please allow me to be honest: what complete shitholes each are. if you think going to Kemah constitutes a "night out" then you deserve the knifing you are sure to suffer from the gangbangers and slum lizards. good luck.

i don't mean for this to sound derogatory, but i was thinking about my job, the workplace, and corporate culture the other day and i came across this gem: is it telling that any place that would hire me (and pay me way more than i am surely worth) is obviously undergoing some serious issues? i realize that all corporations are in some state of Titanic-proportion calamities. i mean, most of them have hit the iceberg and are in the stages of trying to stay afloat; some succeed and some fail, but c'mon, what fucking shipping magnet hires Joseph Hazelwood? anyway, this place pretty much cracks me up. it reminds me of the three previous places i have worked, which normally would cause me to worry, but the joke is on them, b/c i am steady cashing the checks, bitches. heh.

in all seriousness, i can see why they had a hard time filling this spot. the upside of migrating from the habitrail to the treadmill is pretty low. sure, we have a whole team doing C#, but i don't see me moving there anytime soon. for most career-conscious coders (wow the alliteration!) this would be a big downer. but me? uh, we do get paid twice a month, right? ummmmkay. make sure that Brently only has one "e" on my checks, ok?

i'm gonna double-pimp here: if you haven't clicked the band in the post title, then do so here. sure, there are no vocals, i like it like that. i also like my coffee black like my braincloud.


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Wow, that blows. I am sure I get the reasoning behind the "draining," but do I agree it was necessary? Negatory, good buddy.

What I do agree to, however, is that you may need a tad self-control around those parts. (And please do remember who's "saying" this.) Three Ambien? C'mon now. Seriously?

In the words of Tommy Chong: "I hope you don't have have anything to do for about a week, man."

And really, though, who doesn't love a good tub crawl now and again? Granted, my last one was circa 1996 -- but hey, who am I to judge? At least you didn't rip down a shower curtain and use it as blanket. That would have really done it. Heh...

Oh, and I hear ya on Kemah. Yikes. And the workforce for that matter.

DAC said @ 11/05/2007 04:52 PM CST

I like this blog.

DP said @ 11/06/2007 08:46 AM CST

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