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11/07/2007: you think you might just crawl back in bed

proof that intelligent design is overrated: yesterday i decided to have a little lunch at one of my favy fish taco places - Berryhill. their fish tacos are awesome, but i neglected to remember that they love the jalapeños in their pico. holy macaroni. anyway, tasty, but hot. i proceeded to return to my cube and eat an entire roll of Tums; later at home i had some Tagamet. see, if there was a god, then why would he make fish tacos that are so hot, so tasty? i mean obviously they are not doing my stomach any good. and today the rojo ojo is flaming. so i gotta side with evolution on this one; man was just not designed to eat flaming, hot, spicy shit. but it was good. mmmmmmmmmmm.

pokerwise, i am sucking it up. Monday's MATH was not a good showing by me, and it should have been considering it was 6-handed (*sigh* i used to play a lot of 6-handed cash games....) but after deciding to get out of bed where i was reading (actually finishing Douglas Coupland's new book The Gum Thief) i wandered into my office and turned on High Stakes Poker. i then proceeded to pretty much ignore the tournament. wtf? why even play? i dunno. not a smart move on my part. so tonight i will try to avenge myself and actually play poker, the poker i know that i can play. we'll see how i hold up throughout the day with this decision.

it's tough with the time set back. it gets dark so early, which leads me to want to eat dinner and then read myself to sleep. i am slowly working through my book backlog and have resisted adding to much more to the stack. i did pickup Colbert's book, which is funny and i recently added King's Gambit: A Son, A Father, and the the World's Most Dangerous Game to the stack b/c it seemed interesting and i really enjoyed The Kings of New York. of course, i want to start The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable but i foolishly looked at my bookcase earlier this week and pulled out Going Postal: Rage, Murder, and Rebellion: From Reagan's Workplaces to Clinton's Columbine and Beyond, a book that i think i have had for at least two years; how fucking sad. good book though!

so anyway, after working all day and then driving home, it gets dark early and the last thing i usually want to do is go play poker in my office. sure, i could play on the laptop in bed, but i keep telling myself that i need to play in my office where i will pay attention and give the game the respect it needs. then, instead, i go and watch High Stakes Poker while playing. fucktard.

bought one of those new uber-drivers yesterday, the ones with the super MOI. after whacking a full bucket of balls last night i could see this club helping. it isn't going to make me shoot 80 or anything, but it will probably cut 5 strokes a round off my score, which for me is a lot. i think i am playing this Sat with Kailee and some of his crew (bye week i guess?) so we'll see how my $40 club holds against pro footballers and their $2000 sets of clubs. at least i'll get a spot....btw, anyone watch the ESPN high stakes golf thingy? actually was way more interesting than regular golf. plus watching Appleman makes me LOL a lot. wassup with the headbands?!?! and should i try the grease? holy cow that looked liked it helped!


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