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11/12/2007: Scarface the movie did more than Scarface the rapper to me

weekend's over, kinda sad. was enjoying the nice weather and lack of work. i think when i grow up i would like to be...retired. heh.

played in yesterday's FTOPS #7, a $300+$22 buyin tourney. i satellited in for $55, but also spent $26 in the process, so $81 total. still, anytime i can get into one of these monster payout tourneys for half-price or less, sign me up. i like that overlay. ended up with over 4000 runners. monster field with monster first prize, something north of $200K. wowsers. unfortunately, i just could not get a rhythm or the cards to get one started. i ended up getting moved three times in about three hours worth of play, which if you ask me, is too much. i ended up donking out in around 1200th place, nothing special or worth writing home about. what i did find interesting: (a) i played with several people (at least two come to mind) who had greater than $20K in tourney losses in the last twelve months, according to BigStack.com. twenty thousand! god damn. i was shocked when i looked up the first one. i was dumbfounded when i saw more than one. all i can guess is that these people are college students. lots of free time and money in college. (b) take a peek at this table line-up: that's five players with greater than $200K combined in tournament winnings in a year. mother scratcher. i had heard of Thay3r, but never of like7, who apparently won one of the big Sunday tourneys. in an odd aside, Techniq and Thay3r both has V$IP of under 10 during the 100+ hands i played at the table. like7's was around mine at about 22. none were hyper-aggressive. like7 was building a big stack, mostly through getting big hands (AA at least once in memory) and running them into donkeys (on the AA hand he hit a set, the other guy had top pair (AA) and nut flush draw. 66% vs 33% i think. like7 doubled through. must be nice.)

anyway, was interesting. i would like to get back into playing more. need to get motivated.

i spent all day sat doing shiet, basically sleeping and reading. started/finished Rick Reilly's Who's Your Caddy which was fantastic. i am not an SI reader, nor would i normally be drawn to golf books. as a matter of fact, i have not bought John Feinstein's Tales from Q School: Inside Golf's Fifth Major b/c i dunno if it would be compelling enough to finish (although i have listened to two interviews with Feinstein and he makes it sound like a great book.) but back to Reilly - having never read anything by him, from columns to other books, i didn't know what to expect, but i knew there was a chapter on Dewey Tomko, so i tried it out. great book. i think anyone remotely interested in golf would enjoy it. it is most certainly going to make me buy John Daly's book. that guy is a riot. i also continued working my way through Going Postal by Ames and The Numbers behind Numb3rs by Devlin and Loden. and yeah, i had to start Christopher Moore's Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal b/c the premise was killing me and i wanted to see how good it was. so far, pretty good.

also watched a good bit of TiVo on Sat. finally got around to watching Pushing Tin, a mere 7-8 years after its release. ha! nothing special, although it was nice to see Angelina prior to her starting her Maria Shriver-Skeletor look. also made it through the 2006 US Poker Classic. and it was good to see that Charlie Rose spent an entire hour with Jay-Z. was kinda surprised to hear Jay-Z's pimping for P-Diddy, who i think is entirely overrated.

no golf this weekend. Kailee was feeling like he was getting sick, so we opted for Sunday brunch. my god, his kids are growing like weeds. say what you want about desire and drive, i'll take good genes anytime. Mikai looks like a six-year old...he turned 3 in Aug. i predict he'll be taller than Marissa by the time he is six. amazing. look out pro golf: second gen NFLers all want their kids to be Tiger.

forgot earlier this week that Jay-Z dropped his new CD, American Gangster. why did i forget? appears that it is not avail on iTunes, which is odd since i got the single "Blue Magic" on iTunes a few months back. weird. it was avail on Amazon though. gotta love Bezos. Jobs should take some lessons from Bezos. i would imagine more biz peeps like dealing with Besos than Jobs.

tonight is the MATH. another chance to work on my game!


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