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11/16/2007: you ain't even gotta bring your paper out

Thursdays Riverchasers was piss poor. i want to congratulate Daddy for being the recipient of my donkatude: on an ace-high flop i managed to get it all in on the turn with wired kings; instacall revealed middle set of tens for Daddy and IGHN. damn i suck. this was such a rookie mistake, just awful. after a couple of years of playing, i should be beyond this error. makes me feel uber shitty.

Wednesdays Mookie was a little better. i went out in the final three tables when my AQ in the SB refused to improve versus jammed 7s. fucking AQ. my call there made me feel pretty low, but looking back, my M was around 7, i was about avg for chip stack and i wanted to play to win. the race left me with roughly T2000, essentially dead. win that hand and i am in position to bully the table and make it to the final nine. top 18 paid. sucks, but that is poker. i suffered with second guessing after busting out: should i have waited? why call the jam if you knew that it could be a race? etc. but now with a few days space i think it was an OK play. with an M of 7, i was really limited. there weren't going to be any hands that i could look for post-flop play. so i was limited to jamming with pairs above 8s and AK, AQ. with an M of 15 here, i probably don't call and toss my AQ in the muck. that's the problem with becoming short-stacked: it not only takes away play options, but it makes these marginal situations tough to decide. we all know - making good decisions is what poker is all about, right? decisions, not outcomes. i guess the worst thing that can be said about my result is, why did i let myself get that low? that was the problem. put myself in a tough spot and then didn't get lucky. never rely on luck. heh.

been bitten by the golf bug lately. just bought a new Ping putter online; should be in shortly. also have a new bag coming. that is the good thing about Texas. can pretty much golf 10-11 months a year. and they say assistant greenskeeper means nothing. so why the renewed interest? b/c the weather is nice. my golf skills are poor and unless i play routinely, will never even get to average. but it is damn nice to be out on the course when the weather is pretty. also nice to have a course in our neighborhood. so maybe i'll get to play some here after thanksgiving is done. also, reading Daly's book (biography). he's got some new book out too. may have to look at that. he seems like such a funny guy, demons and all.

enjoy the great weather!

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