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11/23/2007: and the world comes tumbling down

well, it's pretty much all over but the crying. made it through Thanksgiving; wifey's whole family came down (at least two sisters and mother, plus mates.) spent considerable time in the run-up making the house presentable, which included me spending 4 hours on my hands and knees cleaning our kitchen tile floor with bleach Clorox and a brush. the good news is that the floors look as good as they did when we moved in 5 years ago. wonder why the damn maid doesn't do this job? oh, yeah, b/c it sucked.

lunch was catered yesterday and i have to say, it was a solid decision to outsource. the food was great and it allowed my wife to avoid having a shitty day spent cooking and worrying. sure, i miss the homemade stuffing (with my grandmother's recipe) but i made up for it by eating more pumpkin pie. damn skippy. hope all had a great day.

the visiting males wanted football, so i spent pretty much all yesterday watching a piss poor Green Bay beat an even worse Lions; then it was onto America's Team who eventually pummeled the Jets. i can't imagine spending every weekend tied to watching football. root canals offer more enjoyment. just my opinion.

i was granted a reprieve from the visiting family and went to work today, so i missing all the college football i could care less to watch. i don't care about Kansas, Missouri, UT, or any of those other teams. hope they all have a blast.

i have played several tourneys in the last 10-12 days and i think i have found my major flaw: i make at least one big mistake a tournament. heh. that's kinda joke. i would say most people lose tournaments b/c they make a big mistake: calling down with a big PP into a set, overplaying AK or AQ on an ace-high flop, having the donkey end of the straight, chasing the flush when the board pairs, overvaluing 9s in the BB (when the button has aces), etc etc etc. that last one was how i crashed out of last night's Riverchasers. most well-read poker players will tell you, the key to being a good tournament player is making good decisions (and it's corollary - avoiding mistakes.) as a matter of fact, that really is all you can hope to do: make the best decision possible, be the player with the least amount of mistakes, and get lucky when you need it. there they are, Poker's 3 Keys. go forth and prosper (my tithe can be sent to my Paypal account.)

anyway, i have noticed i usually get bounced or stacked when i make an error; it happens a lot. so much so, i am kinda worried. this is the kind of thing that will make your game plateau. all those golfers out there that can't break 85 raise you hands. i have made such changes as turning off the TV while playing, trying to stay focused, listening to music that helps my thoughts (i am so addicted to Mozart's Requiem right now), tracking players and keeping notes, etc. these have all helped me go deeper and in a sense i feel more comfortable being aggressive. my VP$IP stat is above 25% most of the time and my PFR is routinely above 12. i haven't checked with 2+2 but i think those are good ranges for full 9-handed games full of lemmings. i do have problems of protecting my avg stack when the antes kick in. i know in my heart of heart i should actually be more active, but in the back of my mind is the idea of waiting a few hands to see if i pick up a monster and get doubled. that is bad thinking for sure. never put off till later hands.....

so some of my issues are still fundamental problems; others are just mental. i do see that if i was playing daily, a larger frequency of tourneys, i would be better or at least have the chance to be getting better. i always seem way more focused on my second tourney of the day after going deep in the first one. nothing like a three hour warm up! heh.

have a great turkey weekend!

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