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11/26/2007: witty blog title goes here

my wife's birfday was Sunday. part of her gift pack was a new 8GB iPod Touch. for our family this was our fourth iPod; for my wife this was her third! (in her defense, iPod #2 was a stand-in while iPod #1 was being refurbed by Apple (at their expense.))

the iPod Touch is quite a beautiful package. if you ask me, it is by far the sexier product between itself and the iPhone. both essentially are the same device, the Touch is just minus the cell phone part, which to me seems like a great exclusion; i just don't see the keyboard on the Touch/iPhone ever replacing my Treo (or for that matter, the Blackberry.) but the screen, that marvelous screen, is a sight: big, bright, touch-sensitive. it inspires lust in the hearts of geeks everywhere.

what makes the Touch an almost must have, even if like me you have a big ass, "regular" video iPod (mine is a chockfull 60GB version), is the browser. hands down the browser crushes any other hand held device i have used. the hyper-intuitive "touch" features should win a Nobel Prize. spread your fingers from the corners to zoom out; pull them together to zoom in. use your finger tip to reposition the screen. turn the whole device to re-orient from landscape to portrait. simply amazing.

it was simple to get connected to our home WiFi, or simple enough when i finally got logged into my router to get the WPA key. speed seems fast, probably faster than my laptop due to the OS. it made me question ever bringing the laptop to bed again. but there is a big caveat: it's WiFi only.

this device screams for cellular broadband hookup. i dream of being able to connect to the web from anywhere and pull up maps, news, blogs....but there is no option. you can't even connect using AT&T, the iPhone's network du jour. this is a huge loss, one that highlights what i am sure many see as Apple's main problem: Steven Jobs is Darth Vader.

no, really, i mean it. if Wozniak is Luke, then Jobs is his antithesis. Woz has always seemed enamored with tech for the greater good: simple computing for the masses; putting the power in the hands of the many. the Apple 1984 commercial is all Woz. Jobs by contrast is all about money. he appears jealous of the success of Bill Gates, and ever since getting his swerve back on as CEO, he has steadily tried to make Apple the 800 lb gorilla in computing. don't get me wrong, there is a lot to be said for someone, anyone to compete with Microsoft. but when you let business decisions get in the way of use and features....

all this is my rant to say that there is no reason for the iPod Touch to not offer connection via ANY cellular service. it would make the Touch the most compelling device of 2007. seriously, this is not hyperbole. the little Touch is magnificent. it would always be in your pocket if you could, say, be driving across town for a meeting, need a sudden map, and waa-lah, connect from your car to Google maps and use that awesome browser to find your way. but instead, i am stuck with my Treo and its shitty browser and screen. it makes me sad to know that the Touch is almost there.

now i know some will say, hey, if you want a Touch with broadband, then get an iPhone. but that is another rant: i refuse to continue serving the cellular industry and their bullshit service contracts and hardware locking. Japan makes our cell network and regulations look like the 1950s. but we as consumers put up with it. if i could start a riot today it would be for one of two causes: the end of American Imperialism or free cell phone networks. tough choice, but in my mind both are valid reasons for attacking the powers that be.

anyway, i am in love my my wife's iPod Touch, but i am in love with what i wish it was.

don't forget tonight's MATH - Hoy, ever with his finger on the pulse of the fickle blogger's desires, has set it up as a rebuy. woot! should be a lot of fun and offer a big prize pool, with the donkatude of the bloggers in force. that's me included!

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