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11/28/2007: i go to sleep in my eternal home, the back of the pick-up truck

yesterday was a long day; i felt like an asshole turned inside out plus i didn't get to sleep till late Monday night and even then I didn't sleep great. it took a while to turn off the MATH tourney still playing in my head....

i busted out on the bubble when my kings ran into aces, which turned into quads. yes, quad aces. FMITGA. we of course got it all in preflop, so everything after the set was just piling on. i was short when i pushed my kings, having lost with wired tens to big slick about 8 hands earlier. so is the nature of late stage push monkey tourneys. blinders did the deed both times. of my observed hands, he had a V$IP of under 10%. dipshits from the rail who didn't make it past the first break were giving him hell, but it is hard to argue with results. gg blinders.

Monday's MATH was a $10+$1 rebuy tourney, an obvious new format to many of the bloggers who played. why obvious? b/c people were way to tight during the rebuy period, IMHO. during the first 25 hands my VP$IP was over 80%. you read that right, over 80%. i ended the rebuy with a VP$IP of close to 50%. my PFR percentage was close to 35%. in relation, the next closest person at my rebuy period table had a VP$IP of around 30%. the rest of the players were all under 25%, with several being below 10%. we had two of our original nine that did not rebuy and dropped before the end of the period.

as a veteran of the MonkeyBall Poker Stars $10+$1 rebuy tourney (my first major tourney win was one of these) i can say that if you are not planning on rebuying at least some, then don't play. sure, the common wisdom is rebuying is only wise if you think you have an advantage over the field. but trust me, you should at least start off double-stacked and do the add-on; min investment for last night should have been $31. i spent $31, but planned to spend as much as $100. but with such a docile opening table, i never needed to get it in bad. and trust me, i was raising with complete crap most of the time. you can't play half of your hands and not be.

patting myself on the back, i played error-free poker in the MATH, or at least major error-free poker. i never once needed a suckout and if i was all-in i was ahead (at least prior to my kings running into aces.) it felt good to be focused and play aggressive. my VP$IP ended a little over 30%.

i was intrigued/impressed by some of the play at the tables. cmitch, who ended up winning, is a player i have played against in cash games, but haven't had the chance to spend a lot of time with on the tourney tables. if i had to guess we played over 100 hand together last night and his V$IP was a little less than 20%, not what i would have expected. for some reason i expected him to be more aggressive, but he chose his spots wisely and seemed well in control of his game. Fuel55 was interesting also. he was more aggressive than i expected and i struggled at first to find a pattern to play against him. after three-barrelling him with AQs on a brick board and showing him nothing, i found some confidence against him. his aggression was erratic IMHO and i know he got deep due to at least one all-in where he was at least a 60/40 dog. but you can't argue with his recent success, so aggression it is.

if it seems like i am mentioning VP$IP a lot it is b/c i am spending a lot of time monitoring Poker Tracker and using Poker Ace HUD during play. i am really interested in monitoring my stats versus my feel of my play. my goal is to feel aggressive, doing a lot of chip moving when opportunities are there and i want the stats to back this play style up. i think in the past i have felt like a tight/aggressive player when i may have been just tight. i think the modern strategy for these online donkuments requires that you play greater than 25% of the hands. of course, that assumes that the table is pretty tight. i assume my play last night would have been different had the table been more loose. i know i was tighter in my play versus Fuel55. i am still trying to develop a feel for what mix works in these situations.

i have been playing some cheapie rebuys ($2, $3, $5) trying to develop a game again. part of this is preparation for the All In For ALS tourney in January. but beyond that, i think rebuys teach aggression with a chance for some error-correction. i also think it offers a chance to get a decent M headed into the bigger blinds.

Hoy mentioned in a recent post that StB thought the double stack tourneys were breeding the image of luckfests amongst these blogger tourneys. i disagree. these are donkuments due to the players, pure and simple, so don't try and now label them luckfests; they have been that since series one. that said, none of us are pros and we are all learning. i think there are several things going on during the blogger donkuments that make it seem like people are playing crazier in this series versus last. one, there are people like me who are using these tournaments as a chance to tinker with their game. anytime you do that you are going to see wider variance. two, bigger stacks do make people play looser; it's a given that if you have a higher M to start with you are going to open your game up a bit. that is not a bad thing; i'll get to that in a sec. three, the field is wider due to Full Tilt doing some promo, so the player skill sets are getting bigger from top to bottom. now back to the deeper stack in relation to the M: one big positive i see of the double stack is the effect it has on Ms, particularly when the antes kick in. usual donkuments start with T1500 and 10 minute levels. if i had to guess, easily a third of the players have an M of 10 or lower by the time the 100/200/25 level starts. my guess is based on the idea that there are simply not enough chips in play to support big Ms. i have always bitched about FTP's tourney structure re: the level time and starting chip amount. if the WSOP and WPT see it fit to have tourneys with more chips and time, then sign me up. while i like the double stack at FTP, i would also like to see 15 minute rounds. i want deeper stack play, b/c IMHO, the deeper the stack, the bigger the M, the lower the variance for skill players. i like the idea that if some pushmonkey gets lucky and sucks out, then at least i might have chips with which to rebuild and the time to do it. i don't think any pro would argue that deeper stacks and longer times help the better players more than it does the poorer players. IIRC, this is a theme from HOH.

in my previous post i bitched (minimally) about the state of the U.S. wireless industry. as if on cue, my wife's phone died the next day. nice. at least i had the forethought to have the thing insured via Sprint. she took it to one of their corporate repair stores and sure enough, the phone was not holding a charge. she was expecting a loaner, but instead was told that Sprint doesn't do loaners and it would be 5-7 business days for hers to be repaired and returned. ummm, what? now i am going to show some bias here, but what person could/should/would live without their phone for 5-7 business days? add on top that we use our cell phones as our home phones and it is silly to even suggest. of course my wife was pissed. who wouldn't be? so she called T-Mobile and they properly answered the magic question: do you guys have free loaner phones? so she moved her service to T-Mobile. so now what am i to do? well, i can stay with Sprint and finish out my year contract. ugh choice, but at no cost. my Treo is not a bad phone and does email fine and web ok. i could move with my wife to T-Mobile. not cheap, but i would get the chance at a new phone. but T-Mobile doesn't do 3G networks yet, so FMITGA. no 3G, i might as well stay with my Treo Pocket Windows 5 phone on Sprint. or i could go so AT&T or Verizon. same cost as moving to T-Mobile, but i wouldn't get to bundle my minutes with my wife; i would get their phone choices.

perusing the web this AM, there are lots of choices out there, but no that are the grail. i want 3G, so T-Mobile is out. but if i give up 3G, i can get a Blackberry Curve, T-Mobile Wing, or a Sidekick. all seem like good phones and i am interested in each...but i want 3G. if i have to have 3G then i could go to AT&T (ne Cingular, my last carrier.) they have the Blackjack II, which is not only 3G but has a built in RSS reader. interesting. and of course, i could just dance with the date that brung me. god i hate our cell industry.

tonight is the Mookie. man up!

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