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12/19/2007: in defense of Astin...

greetings and salutations!

hope any readers i have (besides the usual me) enjoyed my music from 2007. some good stuff out there this year.

the post title is not a backhanded comment. it has long been common knowledge amongst poker bloggers that Astin runs well. he can cardrack with the best of them. that fact has often left me envious. but folks, i am here to tell you that there is another facet of lucksackery: you also have to be good.

i can imagine many people reading are going, "c'mon? good? was Jamie Gold good? Jerry Yang? Robert Varkonyi? those guys are lucksacks of the first order!" and while i will agree that you can be a lucksack and a donksack at the same time and wild your way through a field and score big, if you lucksack it up and you keep lucksacking it up and continue to win tourneys, well there may be some truth to the idea that you have some skill. yeah, i said it, skill. see, i think Astin plays pretty damn good. sure, grabbing monster pocket pairs and huge setups help. but let me runs this out there: you can't have a good winning record on lucksackery alone. you gotta have some skill. why do i say this?

Monday's Hoy was a welcome relief. i think 27 runners showed up for 6-handed NLHE. weee!! and i started strong, bluffing like a fool and finally getting paid off when i setted my pair of jacks. sorry Dbag. i then got moved, donked off to Astin when his QJ in the BB turned trips. yeah, you read that right, trips. he stacked me (i was on a pure steal in the SB). but then, some hands later, i got lucksackaliscious and made quad sevens on the river to double up. screen shot, please! (oh, i got one.) then, exactly ten hands later, i rivered quad sevens again (!!) to pickup another T1500 or so. quads. twice. ten hands. sitting next to Astin was rubbing off on me!

so how did i finish? i barely made it to under three tables. i ran jacks into queens on what seemed an odd play to me and then tilted the remaining stack off with KQ to wired tens. donksackery. shitstackery. craptacular. i sucked.

see, i had all the lucksack stuff running. i mean, quads, twice, 10 hands. just based on that i should have won the damn thing. but i didn't. why? b/c you can be a lucksack and still lose. or when i say "you" i mean "me" b/c not Astin. that kid can win. i mean, who's playing in the TOC? 'nuff said.

so, in defense of Astin, lucksacking ain't all it is. if someone is running a pool, drop me a line. i want to place my bet.

in closing, since i listed out my tops in music last post, i wanted to give a shout out to one of the cable shows that made my 2007: Robot Chicken. this show makes me laugh my ass off. it is almost worth the price of cable, all by itself. hope you enjoyed the linky. "you must smell like feet wrapped in leathery, burnt bacon...." god damn that is funny

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Hmm.. so it's only 3 weeks later and I'm commenting. A slow lucksack, that's me!

Thanks for the defense. Now keep quiet, you'll ruin my image :).

Astin said @ 01/07/2008 03:22 PM CST

nice site...I like the sidebar...flop turn river...


Erick Mastack said @ 01/16/2008 04:03 PM CST

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