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03/04/2008: dance of the living dead!

i'm not good at lots of shit; you'd think i would stick with hobbies that i might excel at? nah. i still try and play golf. Sunday and Monday night i acted like i knew how to play poker.

the BB3 started Sunday, which brought out over a hundred runners. prize pool went north of $7K, so that's gotta be a blogger record. Riggs thought it would be fun to invite Scott Fischman, who in newly aquired blogger style, donked his way to first. nice. i know he needs the chance at a WSOP seat. heh.

my game was its usual shittiness. i played well until i made two errors, which crippled me and eventually caused my demise. i have finally figured out that my main poker issue is not just making errors, but making them when the blinds/antes have gotten to a point where recovery is difficult. after so much practice, i still have a lot to learn - about myself, mostly.

in Sunday's tourney i was surfing the web and playing in a token tourney, hoping to stay away from the chat and thus tilt. unfortunately, i ignored my notes/reads and donked into a set when i should have not even been in the hand. a few hands later i bluffed the river, missing the fact that another player was in the hand...it's hard to bluff one player, two is twice as hard, at least. rookie mistakes made for maximum effect.

in Monday's MATH i took it easy keeping my VP$IP below 20%. i still managed to donk off my chips. i wish i would learn. the good news is that heads-up cash play has decided to quit kicking me in the nuts and i am up dollar-wise, despite paying full value for two BB3 tourneys. i also have a $26 token in the waiting now, so that is nice. dear kind variance, i thank you greatly.

because i have so much time (and it is not like i am naturally lazy) i re-opened Sell The Astros. we'll see if i can post once a week.

furthermore, again b/c i like biting off more than i can chew, i opened up Compendium of Cool, a site where i want to track shit that i find hip. already it is ahead of selltheastros. heh.

anyway, check 'em both out.

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