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03/06/2008: so what's happening, what you rapping about?

short catch-up:
played in The Mookie last night and ended up getting mugged on the bubble when my wired jacks got snapped off by AQ AIPF (flop had not one, but two aces; nice!) so based on that last sentence, you would expect the remainder of this post to talk about my superior play, how i outlasted close to 100 runners, and ended up getting blonkeyed by a chip pusher.

the truth is much simpler: i played pretty uninspired poker, got lucky that all my big pairs held up, got lucky that some of my big pairs got called by overplayed smaller pairs, and ended up only getting unlucky once. i played pretty much on auto-pilot and was rewarded with a deep run, but nothing to show for it. i am OK with that.

since The Mookie has gone small stack, the post-flop play has deteriorated. it has become like most Full Tilt tourneys that have T1500 to start and ten minute levels. lately i have been playing pretty aggro in these; keeping my VP$IP above 25%, almost never limping, and trying to build a stack early. in those instances i have mostly played poorly, making some mistake that hoses me. so last night i fired up the laptop, sat in bed with the wifey, listened to some TV and surfed the web while i played. i was rewarded for my lack of interest, as FTP gave me the full Scott Fischman treatment. i had every big pair you can name - AA to 10s - as well as AK, AQ, AJ; they all held up. in the middle section, soon after the antes kicked in, i got Chad to donk his wired 9s from the button into my overpush with aces in the SB. those held up too. so what i am saying is, i was a card rack and ran well. no skill involved, please drive through. my apolgies to anyone who i was tabled with last night; i had chat off and was ignoring everything outside of bets and cards.

anyway, the BB3 is drawing big crowds. i hope to get inspired and play one of these tourneys well. that is my goal, heh.

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