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03/11/2008: big day coming

i took a break from the BB3 last night to hit a local show; one of my all time favs Yo La Tengo was opening for My Morning Jacket at the Verizon Center.

a pretty sparse crowd for both bands, maybe 150-200 for YLT and under 500 for MMJ. i would hazard that SxSW crushed a lot of turnout for this show. the shitty weather and it being a Monday after the time reset didn't help.

despite all that, YLT turned in a tight 45 minute show, replete with their usual casualness and sonic mastery. Ira Kaplan at times was a fiend on guitar, which is pretty standard given their sonic history.

unlike previous YLT shows i have seen, the band spent the entire show on their own instruments, with Ira on Guitar and electric piano, Georgia on drums (singing lead vocals a la Don Henley at one point) and James McNew on bass and keyboards/synths.

the show opened with "From a Motel 6" from Painful, which was my first YLT album and is still one of my top five YLT songs.

preceding playing a track from their last release, I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass, Ira dedicated the song to their least favorite Texan, Roger Clemens. the crowd actually seems amused. i know i was. Ira is, of course, a big baseball fan; i think Mets.

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