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03/20/2008: there's someone in my head but it's not me

well, today i saw an eye, nose, throat specialist, which is really just an easy way to say, "a fucking guy who doesn't have any answers right now, but hey, lemme charge you an arm and a leg since i don't work on those body parts." my co-pay was almost $300, which means for his 15 min he took in about $1500, or a dollar a minute. nice work if you can get it. i can't.

so anyway, they will need to run some tests, but of course i need to be off the meds for the tests. woot. but hey, wait. without the meds i have a swirly-spinny world and seem to yak my ass off. uh, what?

so, i am hoping i can get an appointment for Monday and then miraculously be able to manage Sat and Sun sans meds.

in other news, good old doc said that this will prolly disappear just as it came (thief, night? glad to meet you.) but i should have the other tests to see what made it pop up. they did test my hearing and i am almost a bat. ok, what the hell, I AM BATMAN! satisfied? so, really all i have to show for this is a sore back from being bed-bound for 5 days, a smaller wallet due to copay, and my boss prolly thinks i am out playing beer pong during Spring Break '08.

i didn't get a harrumph outta you!

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