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03/24/2008: namaste!

i was out of work all last week. it was Spring Break here and i spent at least the first part in bed. i eventually stopped spinning and spontaneous vomiting and was able to watch a little TiVo and play some poker. life was good.

i watched The King Of Kong during this time. what a great movie. it is so in my wheelhouse, since i basically grew up during the same time and i am the same age as the characters who are the focus of the documentary. not only did the movie make me feel better physically, it made me want to buy an old Donkey Kong and stick it in my office. man i loved that game. if you haven't seen this flick, TiVo has it in Unbox. i highly recommended it for the 30+ crowd.

i played a good bit of poker on Sunday and it felt good - a mental Snickers bar! i took my $250 and ran it up to almost $800 playing $1/$2 6HNLHE on Full Tilt. i then played a bunch of tourneys, mostly trying to satellite into meaningful WSOP stuff or into the $750K Guarantee. then i played some more 6HNLHE and ran my kings into aces and dropped more than a full buy-in (the money went all-in on a nothing turn card.) and you know what? i still had a blast. maybe it was because i haven't played much in the last two months or maybe it was b/c i had some silly early success. no matter, even if i had gone broke i enjoyed playing and had a good time. been a while since i have said that. absence does make the heart grow fonder!

i am sitting in the Hoy right now, playing card rack. i'm 12/64 and just goofing, but again, enjoying playing. we'll see how long it lasts!

since i am still woozy, i took the poison pill and will be working from home for the rest of the week. i am funny about work: i like my work at work and my home at home; i don't like to mix them. so even though i am coming up on a year at this place of employment, i still hadn't even picked up my RSA dongle. well, now i have. kinda had to since i don't want to eat vacation time being out sick and i can sit and stare a my monitors (proved that yesterday, right?!) and when i drove in this AM it was akin to feeling like i was on a roller coaster, which was prolly not totally safe. so - now my work knows i can work from home. oh well, worse things can happen.

speaking of, my electronystagmography is on Friday (that's a mouthful, huh?!) i have done all the research i can and i have no idea why i am having the dizziness and motion sickness. i don't think i fit any of the things it could be...of course, i am not a doctor, so we'll see! i am hoping against brain cloud.

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