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04/01/2008: baby i am just a fool tearing all my heart out for you

well, i could post about how i Gigli'd The Big Game on Sunday; i could write about how i fscked off in the HOY on Monday. i could bitch about the 1.5 hours i spent with DirectTV trying to get someone to understand the *real* issue with the Astros opener being blacked out (when in fact it should not have been); i could talk about several great books that i have recently finished; i might post on what i think is the best CD release of 2008 so far; i could even talk about going to get my test results tomorrow and praying for an end to the swirlies.

all of those would be great topics and they are saliently rolling around my head.

instead, let's talk about this: "Who Will Face The Issues?" run in today's WSJ, full page ad on A7.

unless this is some sick April Fool's Joke, then the timing is related to the UIGEA going to committee tomorrow.

so, who the fsck is Prime Table Games and why are they all uppity on this issue all of a sudden. i don't remember reading about these guys prior to today so it is a little shocking to see the full page ad.

well, it appears PTG is at least one guy, Derek Webb. in an article dated today on this current matter, PTG is listed as, "a Las Vegas-based casino game development company." apparently so! then there is this 2002 article on the creation of a new type of Pai Gow called 221.

digging deeper we see that Mr. Webb did well protecting his intellectual property, for which he sued and received +$24mil USD. nice action! as a reference, here is a little sheet showing what games are approved for play in Mississippi casinos by Feb. 2008. you'll notice both PTG is listed for his 2-2-1 game...and Progressive gaming is there too.

anyway, all that said, it doesn't really explain PTG's agenda. if anyone wants to email, here's Derek Webb's email addy!

we'll see how this shakes out, maybe post the UIGEA committee meeting tomorrow.

meanwhile, i am going to return to dizziness/vertigo, shitty poker play, and maybe getting to see the Astros play.


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