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04/17/2008: i want to go for a walk!

as a guy who works a lot, there is actually some positives from the whole economy downturn dealio: i might get a vacation this year.

our last vacation was in 2005, when Rita set sights on Houston and in our ignorance we decided to flee Houston for the Hill Country of Texas; a five hour drive took 12. nice. prior to that our last vacation was in like 2002. these long gaps are pretty much the cost of owning your own business, esp. one that is service oriented. you can't just close up shop and head out and the specter of leaving some of the employees in control makes my bowels quiver. so, you just don't go.

but now, in 2008, things are somewhat better. for one, after downsizing the shop in Jan '07, my wife and i have reclaimed some control of our lives. we actually run the shop, instead of it running us. secondly, now that i work for some other company, they pay me to leave. nice action. lastly, at least we have a few employees we can trust; people who you know will open the shop on time and actually not fsck things up.

so my eyes perked up for this article in the WSJ today: Las Vegas Casinos Roll Out the Deals. next up, convincing the wife that is where we should go. unfortunately, i am doubting it is in her Top Five Vacation Destinations.

but a man can dream!

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