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04/18/2008: i don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career.

i could wait to enter this post, but what happens if i am maimed or killed? bruised or batterd? severely dehydrated?

this weekend is the neighborhood "Garage Sale". they rent booth spaces and everything. i should back up; the reason we need a "neighborhood" garage sale is that i live in one of the trying-to-be pretentious master planned communities that has so many deed restrictions you actually get a binder when you buy your house to tell you about all of them. and these people are serious. such as, no more than two garage sales a year at your house. to compensate, they schedule a semi-annual neighborhood one.

now, for those who don't know me, i hate garage sales. mostly shopping at them, but even being part of one. the idea of standing around and manually sorting through people's crap that is so worthless it can't be sold on eBay makes my skin crawl. but my wife - she loves them. which was great when we lived in a little two room duplex and i rode a bike for a living. now? wtf would i want someone's used shit in my house? if i want brik-a-brak, then i know where the local Restoration Hardware is.

anyway, so my wife has a plan to get rid of all our stored up shit this weekend, which i actually like. i used to move apartments every year, not because i like to move, but because the side effect is to size your life down into an easily packable set of things to own. houses? houses suck b/c you end up with years of shit, piled high in your attic and fourteen closets. anyway, so she wants to be rid of it all (probably so she can shop for new stuff, but i digress) and i am OK with that.

but - tomorrow is the day and we have to go home and pile all the shit out. i really hate this part. left to my own devices, i would pack this crap up and take it to the local Goodwill. one-stop, good riddance. that's me.

so if i survive the garage sale, then next week i have training. so if i seem to be out of the loop, well i am.


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