i'm gonna break the bank of Texas and walk out
i've completed 26 days in Full Tilt's Iron Man competition. all that is left is today and tomorrow! someone warn Matasow i am coming for him....

tomorrow is gambooolrific! i'm going to spend the rest of today reading/finishing Phil Gordon's Little Green Book. hopefully i'll best my performance from last year (mid 50s out of 350ish)!

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i would almost certainly be a gambler again, because there's nothing else an ignorant man can do.
it's really kinda sad, the state of things. i used to spend a lot of time "value surfing" the web; that is surfing and looking for cool, interesting, useful, and usually free goodies! but with the entrance of poker (and the lack of a full time office job) i don't spend nearly as much time surfing (and finding) as i used to. and that is kinda sad. also probably healthy. heh.

anyway, this AM i was up earlier than usualy (lack of wifey at home leads me to sleep even worse than i normally do) and so i got to spend some time from 6-7AM just surfing: hitting the old spots, catching waves, riding breaks. heh heh - nice extended metaphor.

so hit the jump and check out some of today's finds!
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i think the young people enjoy it when i "get down" verbally, don't you?
has been and was an uneventful week here. the usual with the shop, the remainder of my time being siphoned off by poker, reading, and a list of chores/errands that built up over the holidays.

i played in a tournament on Friday night and had a rousing good time (big ups to April for setting it up!) besides the great competition of fellow bloggers, the new endeavor of playing HORSE was quite fun; it was also my first time to ever play Razz or Seven Card Stud Eight of Better. i guess it was also enjoyable b/c i finished 20th out of 61, a feat that was purely possible b/c the deck raped me like a child molester in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prision. seriously, i got a lot of good cards. my luck ended when i turned Broadway only to have THG river a full house. so is life.

hit the jump for a chance at free books!
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persistence might help you achieve moderate success in a chosen activity, but achieving true excellence requires passionate committment to your chosen endeavor.
there's something to be said for salesmanship. what it is i dunno, but something.

i am sitting here pondering how to sell my self. no, not some new site like sellmyself.com. rather, i gotta update my resume and find a job. yes, find a job. no, playing poker is not in consideration.
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let's just take a step back. no, i was wrong, i'm sorry, take a step forward. now take a step back...and then a step forward...and then a step back...and then we're cha-chaing
yesterday put me on mega-tilt. there was actually one point where i stood up and hurled my chair across the room. not a proud moment, but a tilt moment nonetheless.

today i feel sanguine. what happened?
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i wear black on the outside, because black is how i feel on the inside
i'm thinking of taking a break from ring games for a bit. truth be told, i am pretty discouraged, not only with my play, which has had consequences, but with the variance, which is crushing my soul.

while tournaments offer the same issues - the same bad beats, the same suckouts, the same junk kicks - at least there the damage is limited. in ring games, a bad run hurts your roll substantially; it also is crushng my spirit for the game.

can anyone tell me: is moving up in the limits a better idea? i mean, will the quality of players improve? i know, i know, bad players can really fund your bankroll, but i am so sick of some of the plays.

of course, someone can also tell me - is it me? it is entirely possible that i suck worse than those i am bitching about.

if you hate hand histories, then don't make the jump. otherwise, there is a sampling of today's nad knockers.
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i'm tired, tired of playing the game, ain't it a crying shame?
i'm not a rabbit! i need some rest!
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if i played poker for a living, what would i do for fun? get a job?
Steve's got a good point: why turn a fun hobby into your work? seems like something many of us try to do. i think it comes from that old adage, "Find something you like doing in life, and then do it a lot." or something like that.

work is work, right? i mean, you can enjoy work, but it really shouldn't take the place of your life, right?
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great dominions they don't come cheap
welcome to More Of The Same: where less is more....

b/c Full Tilt is finally beginning to recognize me for the budding pro that i am (this is hyperbole, folks, i am not deluded), i was award entry into their Lucky Tilter's Freeroll, with a $15K prize pool. obviously i was more lucky than i thought b/c there were only 255 entrants, and of those only about 100 showed up.

salte para más!
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my mathematical mind can see the breaks
what constitutes luck? and variance?

playing short-handed can fsck with your mind, make you doubt your game, make you doubt yourself.
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stick with me baby, i’m the guy that you came in with
one night a man had a dream. he dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord Poker.

across the sky flashed hands from his tournament. for each hand he noticed two sets of percentages in the sand: one chosen by him (PFR%), and the other chosen by the Lord Poker (VP$IP).

when the last hand of his tournament flashed before him, he looked back at the percentages in the sand.

he noticed that many times along the path of his tournament there was only one set of percentages.

he also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his tournament, like when his wired aces got snapped off by the lowly 7-2 off.

this really bothered him and he questioned the Lord Poker about it:

"Lord Poker, you said that once i decided to follow you and decided to heed your advice about starting hand selection, position and M ratios, you'd walk with me all the way. but i have noticed that during the most troublesome hands in my tournament there is only one set of percentages. i don't understand why when i needed you most you would leave me."

the Lord Poker replied:

"my son, my precious child, i love you and i would never leave you. during your hands of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of percentages, it was then that I told you to raise all-in."
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there's so much less to this than you think
in response to Otis' post on UpForPoker: i enjoyed the post and thoughts. recently i too have been thinking about the poker industry in much the same way - wondering if it is a bubble, a trend, or fad. some comparisions that i drew from personal experience and thoughts after the jump!
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