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well, i continue to do dumb things at dumb times; at some point i will figure out why...or at least how to stop!

played a $5+$.50 freezeout tourney yesterday on Poker Stars. approximately 500 people played, i ended up in 20th place, netting close to $29 (roughly $5/hr - yuck!) i will have to check my journal, but i ended up doing something dumb, like going all-in with a marginal hand (KJo comes to mind) and having a caller crush my hand with AK. i did track some key hands during this tourney; i dealt out about 3 bad beats, while taking at least two myself.

continuing my poor play, i played in Northside's tourney sunday night. after making the final two tables (there were 40 players to start) with roughly an average stack (110K or so in chips) i made a strong raise under-the-gun (blinds were 10/20K), assuming that my tight play so far during the tourney would run people out of the pot - uh, WRONG! the big blind, who also was the second biggest stack on the table, re-raised my 50K raise to 200K, putting me all-in. a short stack between us went all-in with about 60K, so i too went all in...why, i have no idea, other than thinking the BB must be stealing, maybe sensing weakness. well, the big blind had AK, the 60K caller had K7h and i had K10o: a pure dominintion hand. ace came on the flop and that was all she wrote. kiss that $100 and 2.5 hours good-bye.

in the good news department, i finally got around to putting all my hand/tourney stats into Poker Tracker and seems Feb '05 was a good month - i am up around $1500. always helps to win $1100 of that in one sitting. these stats exclude my brick & mortar play; i did win $421 at Isle of Capri this month, netting about $200 profit after expenses. again, my goal from March '05 forward is to keep my journal up-to-date and track all my online stats in Poker Tracker.

one cool thing about Poker Tracker is that it not only tracks expenses and your ROI%, but it tracks the actual hands you play and how they turned out. want to see how many times you played K10o under the gun and the results? oh yeah, you can do it. (hopefully not many, and certainly not many from now on.) hopefully this tool, along with keeping a journal of key hands and outcomes, will help me improve my game.

the Cardplayer Freeroll is this sat. all i need is a top 50 finish to guarantee myself a birth into the Tournament of Champions. currently i am tied at third; i would expect that anyone who wins will get slotted like myself into the top 10 spaces.

on the advice of Matt Dean at Ship It! Poker, i bought Tom McEvoy & T.J. Cloutier's Championship No Limit & Pot Limit Hold 'Em. after reading the intial chapter, i moved straight into the no-limit section. i like the down-to-earth explanations and no-nonsense language. i found his explaination of how to play AK in tournament play interesting, although i don't think it is too original: many people would probably toss AK when it misses the flop, providing the other players had shown strength. but his idea of limping AK instead of going 3-4xBB is something i have been toying with. why? well, one, when it does hit (roughly 30% of the time you will flop a pair) it makes it tough for your opponents to put you on such a big hand, and two, if you miss, it sure is easier to release the hand when you don't have such a large stake in the pot. and remember, AK is nothing but a drawing hand anyway, so when it misses the flop, you will have seen 70% of the cards and still be left with only top card. a pair of twos will beat top card!

well, i gotta get to work. i hope to get some time this week to play in a few Poker Stars' rebuy tourneys. i'll post as the hands come!
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no-limit poker is a sick past time and god forbid it become a job. spent 3 hours playing another $11+$1 Rebuy tourney on Poker Stars yesterday; went out in 114th place when my wired Jacks were busted on the flop by Big Chick offsuit. while disappointed, it was pretty much a race situation, with AQ being about a 20% dog...still - was a huge pot and would have move me into the top 20 places had i won. total cost was $50, so not like i bet the house or anything, but still - i am angling to win one of these tourneys. first place was a little over $5500.

i've gotta come up with a good way to play AA. in the past two days i have been dealt AA roughly 8 times and i have been experimenting with how to play it. you often here the refrain, "aces will win you a small pot and lose you a large pot" and so far that seems to be true. with aces under-the-gun, i have opened with a pot-sized bet and had the entire table fold out, which is fine if you need the blinds (and antes, if there are any) but seems like such as waste with such a great starting hand. 3 & 4 times the big blind also seems to either get a single caller or a rash of folds. the single time i limped with rockets in the big blind, i got sucked out on in a major way: my opponent filled his A10o on the river to make a full house; chances of that happening: 4.5%. the good news: i didn't go all-in b/c i feared he had tripped 10s on the flop (he lead out with 4xBB, which made me think!) anyway - i am sure the proper way to play wired aces is situation-dependent, as are all hands in no-limit, but i need to figure out a way to maximize my return on such as good opening hand.

hopefully i will get another crack at the $11+$1 tourney today....

i've been reading Malcolm Gladwell's new book Blink. pretty good read - i am surprised Gladwell hasn't considered studying poker players, since Blink is all about rapid cognition and "thin-slicing." ESPN's Page 2 had an interview with Gladwell prior to the SuperBowl - seems there are some pro teams that could use Gladwell's advice (hint hint Eagles.)
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so for the last several months i have been playing poker (no-limit hold 'em), both online and in the casinos (well, the casinos in Lake Charles: Harrah's, Isle of Capri, and Coushatta.) after getting over the initial learning curve losses (roughly $1K) i have finally gotten to a point where i am making money on a regular basis, although to be honest, placing first in the top tournaments has alluded me for the most part; i did win Isle's Noon $30 Freezeout, which netted me a little over $400, but my goal has been to win one of Harrah's WSOP Super Satellites.

yesterday i finished 6th in a Poker Star's $11+$1 Rebuy tourney, which paid out $1121. Not a bad payday for my $31 investment (roughly $200/hr.)

my goal starting March '05 and moving forward is to post on my results, my thoughts on poker theory & books, etc.

let's see if i can finally get back to running my blog....
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