there's no mathematical equivalent i could give you, it's so ridiculous. i would have a better chance of scoring back-to-back one-night-stands with Sharon Stone and Cindy Crawford.
greetings and salutations from left field.

going to post today as a catch-up, so i'll be all over the place. i would like to follow up on my placing in the satellite to the WSOP 100 Seat Guarantee on Full Tilt, i have some interesting screen shots from ring games (yeah, i'll get to breaking my promise) and i would like to address online tournaments and cheating.

anything else that comes to mind will be a bonus. so hit the jump and let's get into it.
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found a four leaf clover
wow - Sat/Sun has been poker heaven. dunno why it took me so long to replace the wireless router in my house, but it is so nice to be able to play poker in the living room or bedroom.

direct results of the new router have been last night's finish and then today's win into Full Tilt's Sunday WSOP tourney! just a couple of hours till that....
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dressed up like Nebraska
there will be a write-up tomorrow with some key hands and points, but the end result is this!

sadly this is my best result for Feb, but oh what a result it is!
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there are some perks to working with the public: for holidays, esp. ones like xmas, valentines, easter, etc., you often get small "gifts", usually in the form of candy, starbucks gift certs, movie pass etc.

most of our clients know i am a huge candy hog; not hard to miss, i am six-foot tall and weigh 200 pounds...something is adding to my waistline and it ain't the grooming. one client brought, no lie, a shopping bag full of candy this Valentines. a shopping bag! i would guess it is easily $30-$50 worth of candy: Mars bars, Almond Joys (got nuts), Mounds (don't), Kit Kats, Snickers, Milky Ways, Reece's Peanut Butter Cups...even a bag of peanut M&Ms that weighed over three pounds (btw, these are my favy!)

so i have been snacking on chocolate all week. one type i am enjoying are Doves: little heart-shaped solids of chocolate. i would prefer them with almonds, but hey, beggers can't be choosers. anyway, Doves are wrapped in foil, which is great b/c i can unwrap them, eat them, and then make a foil ball to shoot at my imaginary waste basket goal (i am an only child. i am easily amused when alone.) well, unbeknownst to me, Doves have little messages on the inside of their foil wrapping. i haven't notice till now, but it's kinda nice; like a fortune cookie, but with chocolate - neat! one that i recently opened said, "be a little mysterious". wow - there it is! all this time i thought i have been lacking in life b/c i am not a billionare or because i do not have a fourteen-inch cock. but now i know, the answer is, "be a little msyterious". problem solved!
posted @ 04:32 PM CST [link]This is about redefining an institution that has been a bedrock of society for all of history.
i gotta say, i really am not sure how much longer i can continue to live in the United States. unfortunately, i am not sure where else would be better? Holland? Canada?

hearing this on the way to work this morning reminded me of 3/5ths Compromise. thank god we as U.S. citizens can legislate moral decisions. i mean, if nothing else, our history (and the history of humanity) has shown that humans always legislate with the proper ideals and concerns for the human condition.

maybe we could round up all the people who want same-sex unions and give them there own state? i hear North Dakota is beautiful this time of year....

sometimes i just hate my species.
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if you cant be with the one you love
happy valentine's day - harrumph.

at about 4AM this morning my wife woke up fairly sick. i left for the shop at around 6AM and by 10AM she was in need of medical attention. she's still in the emergency room, where they have administered all sorts of drugs and run a gamut of tests. at first glance it appears that it is food poisioning, but that hasn't been confirmed. sadly, looks like we are not having date night tonight. not a good way to spend valentine's day for her.

with those turn of events, my day has been kinda sour. been sitting her in the silence of the shop ruminating on the past several months, the insanity of it all. blogs can be several things: a vent, an ATM, a journal....

jump and i'll explain more.
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The real problem in American politics is the rule of calculation and money over principle...
ah Wednesdays, how i love thee, let me count the ways!

i have spent all day doing a whole bunch of nothing...or at least nothing important. and to that end, i will highlight my feats of nothingness after the jump!
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if there was not luck involved, i guess i would win every one.
it's all the rage, so let's live blog the Full Tilt Iron Man Freeroll.

jump for the excitement!
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it hurts my think bone.
ah February! a new month; time for new challanges and fresh starts.

Jan was a crushing month pokerwise. i haven't reviewed the numbers lately, but in ring games i lost about 30% of my bankroll. yes, 30%. i have been on perma-tilt since mid-January. so what am i going to do? since February is about love with Valentines Day and all, i am renewing my vows - with tournament poker.

hit the jump for details....
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