um, seriously fscking wow.
i don't think i have ever had a hand like prolly 4-500K hands. wow. i feel like i just got mugged.

Full Tilt Poker Game #5805269888: $1K Thursday ME Super Sat (43051250), Table 2 - 300/600 Ante 75 - No Limit Hold'em - 16:56:01 ET - 2008/03/27
Seat 1: tried-2-surf (5,890)
Seat 2: faze2faze (5,874)
Seat 3: sellthekids (5,785)
Seat 4: nattikid23 (7,827)
Seat 5: bluffallosil (4,606)
Seat 6: Prometheaus (11,241)
Seat 7: Metronome (1,301)
Seat 8: pokesean (2,293)
Seat 9: boone34 (19,683)
tried-2-surf antes 75
faze2faze antes 75
sellthekids antes 75
nattikid23 antes 75
bluffallosil antes 75
Prometheaus antes 75
Metronome antes 75
pokesean antes 75
boone34 antes 75
sellthekids posts the small blind of 300
nattikid23 posts the big blind of 600
The button is in seat #2
Dealt to sellthekids [As Ac]
bluffallosil folds
Prometheaus raises to 1,200
Metronome raises to 1,226, and is all in
pokesean folds
boone34 folds
tried-2-surf folds
faze2faze folds
sellthekids raises to 3,600
nattikid23 has 15 seconds left to act
nattikid23 folds
Prometheaus calls 2,400
* FLOP * [9s Jd 6h]
sellthekids bets 2,110, and is all in
Prometheaus calls 2,110
sellthekids shows [As Ac]
Prometheaus shows [8s 8c]
Metronome shows [Ts Kc]
* TURN * [9s Jd 6h] [Qc]
* RIVER * [9s Jd 6h Qc] [Th]
sellthekids shows a pair of Aces
Prometheaus shows a straight, Queen high
Prometheaus wins the side pot (8,968) with a straight, Queen high
Metronome shows a straight, King high
Metronome wins the main pot (4,953) with a straight, King high
sellthekids stands up
The blinds are now 400/800 with an ante of 100
Total pot 13,921 Main pot 4,953. Side pot 8,968. | Rake 0
Board: [9s Jd 6h Qc Th]
Seat 1: tried-2-surf folded before the Flop
Seat 2: faze2faze (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 3: sellthekids (small blind) showed [As Ac] and lost with a pair of Aces
Seat 4: nattikid23 (big blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 5: bluffallosil folded before the Flop
Seat 6: Prometheaus showed [8s 8c] and won (8,968) with a straight, Queen high
Seat 7: Metronome showed [Ts Kc] and won (4,953) with a straight, King high
Seat 8: pokesean folded before the Flop
Seat 9: boone34 folded before the Flop

preflop = 69/18/12%
flop = 69/10/20%
turn = 88/11% (i lose main pot)
river = i lose side pot and am out!

oh well. interesting to say the least.
posted @ 04:03 PM CST [link]namaste!
i was out of work all last week. it was Spring Break here and i spent at least the first part in bed. i eventually stopped spinning and spontaneous vomiting and was able to watch a little TiVo and play some poker. life was good.

i watched The King Of Kong during this time. what a great movie. it is so in my wheelhouse, since i basically grew up during the same time and i am the same age as the characters who are the focus of the documentary. not only did the movie make me feel better physically, it made me want to buy an old Donkey Kong and stick it in my office. man i loved that game. if you haven't seen this flick, TiVo has it in Unbox. i highly recommended it for the 30+ crowd.

i played a good bit of poker on Sunday and it felt good - a mental Snickers bar! i took my $250 and ran it up to almost $800 playing $1/$2 6HNLHE on Full Tilt. i then played a bunch of tourneys, mostly trying to satellite into meaningful WSOP stuff or into the $750K Guarantee. then i played some more 6HNLHE and ran my kings into aces and dropped more than a full buy-in (the money went all-in on a nothing turn card.) and you know what? i still had a blast. maybe it was because i haven't played much in the last two months or maybe it was b/c i had some silly early success. no matter, even if i had gone broke i enjoyed playing and had a good time. been a while since i have said that. absence does make the heart grow fonder!

i am sitting in the Hoy right now, playing card rack. i'm 12/64 and just goofing, but again, enjoying playing. we'll see how long it lasts!

since i am still woozy, i took the poison pill and will be working from home for the rest of the week. i am funny about work: i like my work at work and my home at home; i don't like to mix them. so even though i am coming up on a year at this place of employment, i still hadn't even picked up my RSA dongle. well, now i have. kinda had to since i don't want to eat vacation time being out sick and i can sit and stare a my monitors (proved that yesterday, right?!) and when i drove in this AM it was akin to feeling like i was on a roller coaster, which was prolly not totally safe. so - now my work knows i can work from home. oh well, worse things can happen.

speaking of, my electronystagmography is on Friday (that's a mouthful, huh?!) i have done all the research i can and i have no idea why i am having the dizziness and motion sickness. i don't think i fit any of the things it could be...of course, i am not a doctor, so we'll see! i am hoping against brain cloud.
posted @ 09:45 PM CST [link]there's someone in my head but it's not me
well, today i saw an eye, nose, throat specialist, which is really just an easy way to say, "a fucking guy who doesn't have any answers right now, but hey, lemme charge you an arm and a leg since i don't work on those body parts." my co-pay was almost $300, which means for his 15 min he took in about $1500, or a dollar a minute. nice work if you can get it. i can't.

so anyway, they will need to run some tests, but of course i need to be off the meds for the tests. woot. but hey, wait. without the meds i have a swirly-spinny world and seem to yak my ass off. uh, what?

so, i am hoping i can get an appointment for Monday and then miraculously be able to manage Sat and Sun sans meds.

in other news, good old doc said that this will prolly disappear just as it came (thief, night? glad to meet you.) but i should have the other tests to see what made it pop up. they did test my hearing and i am almost a bat. ok, what the hell, I AM BATMAN! satisfied? so, really all i have to show for this is a sore back from being bed-bound for 5 days, a smaller wallet due to copay, and my boss prolly thinks i am out playing beer pong during Spring Break '08.

i didn't get a harrumph outta you!
posted @ 05:07 PM CST [link]sick, sick, sick
just a quick note - i am not dead, but feel close.

i have been having vertigo since late Fri night/earlier Sat morning. Sunday was pretty bad requiring a trip to the 24 hour emergency clinic. Monday required a second visit. lots of dizziness and vomiting. fun.

tomorrow is ears, nose, throat specialist, who i am guessing is going to diagnose vestibular neuritis. but hey, we could get lucky and have a tumor!

i'll be back when i can focus on the screen for more than 5 minutes at a clip.
posted @ 06:44 PM CST [link]big day coming
i took a break from the BB3 last night to hit a local show; one of my all time favs Yo La Tengo was opening for My Morning Jacket at the Verizon Center.

a pretty sparse crowd for both bands, maybe 150-200 for YLT and under 500 for MMJ. i would hazard that SxSW crushed a lot of turnout for this show. the shitty weather and it being a Monday after the time reset didn't help.

despite all that, YLT turned in a tight 45 minute show, replete with their usual casualness and sonic mastery. Ira Kaplan at times was a fiend on guitar, which is pretty standard given their sonic history.

unlike previous YLT shows i have seen, the band spent the entire show on their own instruments, with Ira on Guitar and electric piano, Georgia on drums (singing lead vocals a la Don Henley at one point) and James McNew on bass and keyboards/synths.

the show opened with "From a Motel 6" from Painful, which was my first YLT album and is still one of my top five YLT songs.

preceding playing a track from their last release, I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass, Ira dedicated the song to their least favorite Texan, Roger Clemens. the crowd actually seems amused. i know i was. Ira is, of course, a big baseball fan; i think Mets.
posted @ 09:59 AM CST [link]so what's happening, what you rapping about?
short catch-up:
played in The Mookie last night and ended up getting mugged on the bubble when my wired jacks got snapped off by AQ AIPF (flop had not one, but two aces; nice!) so based on that last sentence, you would expect the remainder of this post to talk about my superior play, how i outlasted close to 100 runners, and ended up getting blonkeyed by a chip pusher.

the truth is much simpler: i played pretty uninspired poker, got lucky that all my big pairs held up, got lucky that some of my big pairs got called by overplayed smaller pairs, and ended up only getting unlucky once. i played pretty much on auto-pilot and was rewarded with a deep run, but nothing to show for it. i am OK with that.

since The Mookie has gone small stack, the post-flop play has deteriorated. it has become like most Full Tilt tourneys that have T1500 to start and ten minute levels. lately i have been playing pretty aggro in these; keeping my VP$IP above 25%, almost never limping, and trying to build a stack early. in those instances i have mostly played poorly, making some mistake that hoses me. so last night i fired up the laptop, sat in bed with the wifey, listened to some TV and surfed the web while i played. i was rewarded for my lack of interest, as FTP gave me the full Scott Fischman treatment. i had every big pair you can name - AA to 10s - as well as AK, AQ, AJ; they all held up. in the middle section, soon after the antes kicked in, i got Chad to donk his wired 9s from the button into my overpush with aces in the SB. those held up too. so what i am saying is, i was a card rack and ran well. no skill involved, please drive through. my apolgies to anyone who i was tabled with last night; i had chat off and was ignoring everything outside of bets and cards.

anyway, the BB3 is drawing big crowds. i hope to get inspired and play one of these tourneys well. that is my goal, heh.
posted @ 09:14 AM CST [link]dance of the living dead!
i'm not good at lots of shit; you'd think i would stick with hobbies that i might excel at? nah. i still try and play golf. Sunday and Monday night i acted like i knew how to play poker.

the BB3 started Sunday, which brought out over a hundred runners. prize pool went north of $7K, so that's gotta be a blogger record. Riggs thought it would be fun to invite Scott Fischman, who in newly aquired blogger style, donked his way to first. nice. i know he needs the chance at a WSOP seat. heh.

my game was its usual shittiness. i played well until i made two errors, which crippled me and eventually caused my demise. i have finally figured out that my main poker issue is not just making errors, but making them when the blinds/antes have gotten to a point where recovery is difficult. after so much practice, i still have a lot to learn - about myself, mostly.

in Sunday's tourney i was surfing the web and playing in a token tourney, hoping to stay away from the chat and thus tilt. unfortunately, i ignored my notes/reads and donked into a set when i should have not even been in the hand. a few hands later i bluffed the river, missing the fact that another player was in the's hard to bluff one player, two is twice as hard, at least. rookie mistakes made for maximum effect.

in Monday's MATH i took it easy keeping my VP$IP below 20%. i still managed to donk off my chips. i wish i would learn. the good news is that heads-up cash play has decided to quit kicking me in the nuts and i am up dollar-wise, despite paying full value for two BB3 tourneys. i also have a $26 token in the waiting now, so that is nice. dear kind variance, i thank you greatly.

because i have so much time (and it is not like i am naturally lazy) i re-opened Sell The Astros. we'll see if i can post once a week.

furthermore, again b/c i like biting off more than i can chew, i opened up Compendium of Cool, a site where i want to track shit that i find hip. already it is ahead of selltheastros. heh.

anyway, check 'em both out.
posted @ 11:43 AM CST [link]

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