without difficulties, life would be like a stream without rocks and curves....

when they hear of the Way,
the highest minds practice it;
the average minds think about it
and try it now and then;
the lowest minds laugh at it.
if they did not laugh at it,
it would not be the Way.

-- Lao-tse
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i have ataraxia

               Tito                                Jules
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you're looking at me like, like i just asked you the fucking square root of something.
my tournament hold 'em game sucks. not in a funk; sucks.

i've been playing in the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments and i have been sucking. five tourneys, no money finishes. sure, i have three in the points finishes, but that is just some panty-waist measure created to encourage more play. money talks, bullshit-points walk.
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i don't recall

polished up a few more items: Finders Keepers by Mark Bowden, Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army by Jeremy Scahill and the movie Children of Men. all three worthy of attention.
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i don't have to be careful. i got a gun.
Gun Shop Owner: Well, you'll probably want the accessory kit. Holster...
Homer: Oh, yeah.
Gun Shop Owner: Bandoleer.
Homer: Baby.
Gun Shop Owner: Silencer.
Homer: Mmm-hmm.
Gun Shop Owner: Loudener.
Homer: [drooling noise]
Gun Shop Owner: Speed-cocker.
Homer: Ooh, I like the sound of that.
Gun Shop Owner: And this is for shooting down police helicopters.
Homer: Oh, I don't need anything like that... [paranoid]...yet.
Just give me my gun. [grabs for gun]

Gun Shop Owner: Sorry, the law requires a five-day waiting period. We've
got to run a background check.
Homer: Five days? But I'm mad now!

Homer: I'd kill you if I had my gun!
Gun Shop Owner: Yeah, well, you don't.

Homer: Now, I believe you have some sort of firearm for me.
Gun Shop Owner: Well, let's see here. According to your background check,
you've been in a mental institution...
Homer: Yeah.
Gun Shop Owner: ...frequent problems with alcohol...
Homer: [laughs nervously] Yeah.
Gun Shop Owner: ...beat up President Bush!
Homer: Former President Bush.
[The owner slaps a red rubber stamper on Homer's printout.]
Homer: "Potentially dangerous"?!
Gun Shop Owner: Relax, that just limits you to three handguns or less.
Homer: Woo hoo!

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you went from Beyonce to Big Foot in six fuckin' hours

watched Smokin' Aces today - gotta wonder: how much did making this film cost? the cast alone must have been 50+ million:
* Jeremy Piven
* Andy Garcia
* Ray Liotta
* Ben Affleck
* Jason Bateman
* Alicia Keys
* Common

throw in what had to be $20mil for effects/gun fights/gore. serious coin. now how about some box office #s.

anyway, despite all that, it's not a bad flick. has a Usual Suspects/Confidence vibe to it. plus, some serious gun fights (everyone wants to beat out Hard Boiled.) so rent it up!
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when all my dime dancin' is through
played in the "Blogger Big Game" last night (while watching The Sopranos and Entourage). that should tell you something - that i didn't last much longer than 90 minutes. the good news is that i got in for $15.

i've played in two Token Frenzy donkuments and i have won a token in each ($75 & $26). so either i am very lucky or these tournaments are loaded with poor players. either one, maybe both.
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and Jesus wept.
as i await the magic hour to SSS and go to an interview (should i attempt to live blog it?) i am here in my living room, catching up on Monster-related emails asking me to join the exciting field of (a) car sales, (b) insurance sales, (c) home food delivery sales (um, no thanks Swanns), or (d) lawn care sales (do i get free ChemLawn for my house?)

anyway, DirectTV has some show called the 101 - which is like TRL Live i think, but not as bad. yet. (TiVo "suggest" records it. no, i haven't thumbed it down. blow me.)

today's show started with The Pussycat Dolls and followed up with Hootie and the Blowfish.

i am busy trying to slash my wrists with the sharpest object in the house, a butter knife (thanks wifey for subscribing to "Cutters Anonymous".)

the apocalypse is nigh. happy Good Friday.
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crack of doom
humans are a whacked-out species. i know, i know, you may already think this, or maybe you are tired of me ranting about it, but, i have more evidence.

we moved the shop to a new location in a five unit strip mall connected by a parking lot to a Shell station. Habib and his crew own the whole dealio. we opened Feb 1st.

immediately i started noticing that the parking lot was a big ass vacant spot for the weirdness of our species to operate.
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i wonder, who's cryin' now
i have a buddy who plays pro football (don't read that as bragging, read that as "money is subjective.") we were having dinner sat night and someone brought up poker, which lead to someone talking about playing poker at his company. seems that at this company some nights they all stay late and play tournaments or small cash games. this guy was relating how a friend of an employee comes to the games sometimes and he is always trying to run over the table, i.e. pushing all-in pre-flop, raising people's blinds by 50x etc. typical bully stuff. now their buy-ins are set - generally $300 is max, regardless of what is on the table.

this discussion lead me to talk about a new local card room where i have been playing. the place only spreads pretty much $1/$2 NLHE and various tourneys. no $2/$4, $5/$10, etc. but the $1/$2 plays like a $5/$10! it is not uncommon for guys to have $1K+ in their stacks and table bullies are the norm, meaning pre-flop raises can be $200 or $300. generally there a couple of guys at each table that just play super aggressive. anyway, i was relating that what i like is that there is generally no table max - if you want to buy-in for $2K, hey go for it. to me, i like at the bare minimum being able to buy-in for equal to the big stack. in contrast, and to my consternation, online poker has fixed buy-ins. play the $1/$2 and you can buy-in for $200. that's it. if some guy has been sitting at the table all day, playing whack-a-mole and stacking up, well you are SOL. personally, why would i want to play with $200 when someone has $1200 in their stack? don't shake your head and say that is extreme - i have screenshots of Matasow sitting with $14K+ at a $5/$10 - 14x max buy-in!

my football buddy thinks fixed buy-ins are correct; he appreciates that if someone has built up a roll they get the spoils of running the table. kinda odd for a guy making a couple of mil a year to think this way, but who the fsck am i to contradict him - he's got the BA from Stanford in economics. heh.

so what the hell does this have to do with anything? after the jump....
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and so the best that I can do is pray
it's been a long three months of poker.

"you play poker?", you ask.

yes. i still play poker. not as much. not 1000 hands/day. but still.

i think it was Freud who theorized that gamblers are really just masochists who seek punishment. thanks to Dostoyevsky for adding proof to this. anyway, it seems i have suffered every beat manageable in the past 90 or so days. just ruthless. and then today happened.
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