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with all the hours at my wife's shop + taking care of my wife + being fully responsible for our five (5!) dogs, i have been going a little stir crazy lately. no live poker, no time off make Brently something-something. go crazy? don't mind if i do.

jump for details.
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i'm no quitter, i'm just lying down
so my wife either further tore her ACL on sat night, or she completely popped it. we're not sure which. we know that back in 1999 she had a tear in it. she opted for zero surgery, some physical rehab, and a nifty $1K+ knee brace that looks exactly like what a pro footballer would get (and yes, as a matter of fact, it is the exact brand and type of K-Dubs. guess we used to have decent insurance.)

anyway, she has been bedbound/homebound since sat. she is finally getting the ability to hobble around the house with crutches, which is good.

the bad news (besides the fact that we are insurance-less, not that it matters with an injury like this (surgery is the only "repair")) is that i am on week three of 7 day work weeks. most days are around 13 hours. i think i have had 3 days out of about the last 18 where i only worked 8 hours or so. so i am at about 219 hours worked so far. for those keeping score, if you work like most people, you prolly work roughly 50 hours/week or 200 hours a month. i still have 10 days to go in my work month!

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do you see why?
in mid-April i was reading something (online blog, magazine, etc) where the author talked about playing his hands blind - and making money!

we've all read the lines that it is "position, position, position" that matters and you should "play your opponent, not your cards", etc. as i have been bouncing around the limits in no-limit hold 'em ring games, from $1/$2 up to $5/$10, i have been trying to come to grips with my game and how i play. i have had the feeling that i play too much ABC poker. but i have begun to accept the fact that my game is a work in progress and i finally feel comfortable enough with my skill set to begin to monkey with my mechanics. variety is the spice of life!

so, one night i decided to play 50 hands blind. i chose to play $.50./$1 NLHE 9-handed. not giant stakes, but enough so that i would feel that i was getting my money's worth. i bought in for the min, $50.
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all the news that fits
holy macaroni - over a month without a post!

i wish i had something positive to report that i have done with my time, but truth be told, i had a lot of family obligations going on and i fired my wife's only bather for the shop; so for at least the last two weeks i have been Dog Bather Extraordinaire! yeah, i am not worth much in the real world. heh.

all that said, i have had marginal time to play some poker, listen to some music, and watch some TV. nothing exceptional to note. thus, nothing exceptional to post!

that is all!
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