bet you got it all planned right
life on an upswing?

Thursday - got the call i had been waiting on: you're looking at the new Sr Web Developer from some Fortune 500 company. nice. full bennies, so wifey is happy. me too!

Saturday - 301 of my closest friends and i got together for a little poker. after the dust settled i had donked into 2nd for a $466.55 payday. almost won it. then i didn't.

Monday - 8th wedding anniversary, 12th year of cohabitation. wow, time flies.

so now i am pondering sinking these ill-gotten gains into a WSOP satellite. i am liking the Tuesday two-seat guarantee at Full Tilt.

oh yeah, my copy of The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition arrived today; maybe i should read that first.

that is all....
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arrogance and self-awareness seldom go hand in hand
long time no see. the usual mish-mash here, so let's list out what will be after the jump:

* read Cards by Jonathan Maxwell

* read Bigger Deal by Anthony Holden

* read Broke by Brandon Adams

* watched Casino Royale

* played in a few blogger tourneys - final tabling and cashing

* played some live poker

* interviewed three times with the same company

and any other shiet i can think of. c'mon, follow my leader.
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wow, only a true friend would be that truly honest

take your pic(k) - below are the top four non-money finishers (of the top 50) in the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments:

5th.   jeciimd
34th. willwonka
47th. sellthekids
48th. ringo6624 (no blog listed)

let's see if tonight i can cash and ditch this crew (no offense!)
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