punk rock

I'll tell you about punk rock: punk rock is a word used by dilettantes and ah... and ah... heartless manipulators about music that takes up the energies and the bodies and the hearts and the souls and the time and the minds of young men who give what they have to it and give everything they have to it and it's a... it's a term that's based on contempt, it's a term that's based on fashion, style, elitism, satanism and everything that's rotten about rock'n'roll. I don't know Johnny Rotten but I'm sure... I'm sure he puts as much blood and sweat into what he does as Sigmund Freud did. You see, what sounds to you like a big load of trashy old noise is in fact the brilliant music of a genius, myself. And that music is so powerful that it's quite beyond my control and ah... when I'm in the grips of it I don't feel pleasure and I don't feel pain, either physically or emotionally. Do you understand what I'm talking about? Have you ever felt like that? When you just couldn't feel anything and you didn't want to either. You know? Like that? Do you understand what I'm saying sir?

Mogwai - "Punk Rock" off of Come On Die Young (features a recording of Iggy Pop)

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the more things change....

updated iPod top 10:
1. Metallica = 653:37
2. Spiritualized = 472:39
3. Smashing Pumpkins = 374:58
4. Yo La Tengo = 315:29
5. Joy Division = 308:07
6. Camper Van Beethoven = 292:22
7. Radiohead = 279:55
8. Local H = 235:12
9. Mogwai = 234:50
10. Cracker = 226:08

i have a little over 10GB left to fill up, at which point i will have to start taking stuff of to fit on other choices. good to see Mogwai crack the top 10. damn fine band - now buy their new one!
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Stop Coming To My House

two quick items:

(1) the new Mogwai CD, Happy Songs for Happy People, is out and it is good.

(2) this is the funniest thing i have seen this week.


(3) of course to counter #2, please see this.

enjoy, yet again, brother, or i shall taunt you a second time.
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Why doesn't he just hit fruit with a hammer?

the Trio channel is running Uncensored Comedy month, which is a joke in and of itself b/c they bleep every word they can. this entry finds me yet again singing praises to my TiVo: i came home from the hell that was my office and found "Outlaw Comic: The Censoring Or Bill Hicks" recorded for me. goooood TiVo, goooooood boy.

after reading American Scream, i already had a pretty deep understanding of Hicks' life, his struggles and his eventual death. i will be honest: the book left me teary-eyed when i finished it. well, this show is pretty much the same story and material as the book, but now you get to see/hear Bill in his own voice. hosted and narrated by Janeane Garofalo, it is a stunning show that makes me appreciate every joke Hicks every tested on us, his fans who allowed him to open our third eyes.

check the schedule if your cable provider offers Trio and notice that not only will they be showing the episodes where Bill appeared on David Letterman, but on 6/28 they will re-run Outlaw Comic. as for me, i am not deleting mine off TiVo. EVAR!

btw, if anyone doesn't think that Letterman sucks, they need two things: a swift kick in the balls and the opportunity to watch Outlaw Comic. Letterman is a jackass, an enemy to free speech and a puppet for commericalism. i thought it before i read the book, i thought it after the book, and here i am thinking it again after watching Outlaw Comic. Letterman (and Leno, modern-day SNL, Mad TV, Jamie Kennedy, Jackass, etc) are a symptom of the fact that the U.S. is full of morons, mouth-breathers, and right-wing zealots. i find it so sad that people watch that crap and think another round of Stupid Humans With Dumb Pets Who Do Tricks is funny, rather than what it really is: puerile. seriously.

anyway, check out Bill Hicks on Trio.
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Wow! Kind of scary! Am I?

i am tired and grumpy. i have worked about 40 hours so far this week already and i have tomorrow, sat, and sunday to go. to top it off, i am back to sleeping about 4 hours a night...sometimes not 4 consecutive hours. :-X

but my personal issues aside, i figured that this linky-poo deserved its own entry. enjoy.

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january has april showers

here is a list of the top ten artists on my iPod, as determined by number of minutes each has:
1. Metallica = 653.37
2. Spiritualized = 472.39
3. Smashing Pumpkins = 374.58
4. Yo La Tengo = 315.29
5. Joy Division = 308.07
6. Camper Van Beethoven = 292.22
7. Local H = 235.12
8. Cracker = 226.08
9. Queens of the Stone Age = 207.18
10. Blur = 189.30

this list is not static nor does it depict the fullness of my music collection; for instance, the iPod only has 3 Radiohead albums on it, but i own something like 6 or 7. adding those (which i plan to do) will surely vault it into the top ten. also, much of the Metallica won't be staying. i added a ton after getting St. Anger so i could rightly judge their latest offering against their older stuff. the Smashing Pumpkins could just as easily be #1 like Metallica, if i added all their CDs...i still have an entire boxset of the singles which isn't on the iPod. anyway, that is the state it sits today. i expect to load more Radiohead tonight, since today is the official release of Hail To The Thief. you are getting it at lunch, right?

construction started yesterday on Darci's business. we hope to have the minor $15K in buildout done by mid-month or so. i will be pleasantly surprised if we get an occupancy permit for July 1st; i think it might be doable, but we'll see. permitting is pretty much reliant on the personal opinions of the inspector. fortunately, Dar has already become great friends with the two inspectors. my wife would make a great politician. heh.

any semblance of the 15lbs i lost during my two-month unemployment has all been gained back by my morning ritual of a Dr. Pepper for breakfast. damn this company and their $.25 sodas - heh! too bad we don't have Starbuckz (although a real Starbucks is within walking distance under Greeenway 11.)

take care!
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everyday is like monday?

thank god it's monday! oh, wait....

interesting user story on the Segway HT. wish i lived in the Montrose so i could buy one and ride it to work. über cool.

are you one of those people who say, "i use Opera/Mozilla/Netscape and not IE so my browser is better." yeah, think again. welcome to the monkey house, boys.

how do you keep your Guinness cold? here is one geek's way!

Gizmodo takes the way-way back machine to 1983. i had one of those walkmans. i mowed many a yard jamming to Michael Jackson, The Outfield, and Men At Work. yeah, i said it, so sue me!

tune in tomorrow for the top 10 bands consuming space on my iPod!

yippie k-yea!
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everyday is like sunday

you ever have those days that you wish you could just go back to bed? i do sometimes; today is one. it started off well enough, up early, let the dogs out, feed them, back to bed for another hour, then rise, shower and off to work for a couple of hours, all the while my wife sleeping in for a little much deserved rest.

on the way home from work i exited the newly opened 59 at Highway 6. usually i would exit Murphy road and take it down till it dead-ends into Highway 6, but today i figured it was early, before 10:30AM, and traffic on Highway 6 would be light. sitting at the light, i was listening to NPR, who had Jimmy Page on talking about their new 3 CD retrospective and telling a lot of the same stories i had already heard about songs like "When the Levee Breaks" and "Stairway to Heaven". and for some reason, even though i was pretty much spaced out and just waiting for the vehicle to move in front of me, i noticed something sickening take place in the intersection. now this is a big intersection; it boasts four lanes of traffic going in each of the four directions and each side has a double turn lane for the left hand vehicles. this isn't a country road and there are not any houses within 3-4 miles. but in the intersection my eye catches a small grey kitten, must have been less than 8 weeks old, scurrying in traffic - traffic that was going at full speed. i don't know how he got there and i don't even know how my eye picked him up b/c i wasn't watching the intersection really. poor little guy was running literally for his life across a very large intersection, trying desperately to make it to the underpass median. a large Ford truck drove over the top of him and i don't know if it hit him, but it did cause him to tumble and roll, and as the car passed, the kitten came flailing out of a ball, still running at full speed. he made the underpass median and appeared hurt, with a possible broken rear leg, and looking very scared. he was not even close to being safe and you could see the adrenaline wearing off and his movement become difficult.

the car in front of me lurched; the light had turned green and it was our turn to move, and as i slowly turned left, i craned trying to see which giant concrete pillar he was hiding behind. while turning and looking, i wrestled with my conscious about what i was supposed to do. these are the things that make me sad. i could have stopped, tried to grab the kitten, even though it was most likely feral and would have never come to me, probably instead running from me out into traffic, where i would be complicit in its death. i told myself this contrived story as i continued to slowly drive away. at next immediate light, less than even a block away, i almost turned around, but my mind told me, "what would i do with a injured kitten." emergency vets are $75 for an initial visit on weekends and i already have a house of 3 dogs and 2 cats. so i drove on, Jimmy Page blathering in the background and me feeling sad and terrible.

it's this feeling, this recurring thought that i rationalized not stopping and not helping b/c it cost money, or would have been physically risky, or didn't fit my day's schedule...this is what hurts me now. i mean it makes me sad to realize that i am one of those people. i am human.

i am pretty sure most people made the same rationalizations. while i saw several cars, a black corvette and a toyota sedan, slow down, none stopped; their drivers making the same reasonings i was, about why they shouldn't stop and help and why they should just keep driving. after all, it was only a kitten.

i wish i could make the memory go away, but i can't. it's been over an hour and i am still thinking about it. but being a human, i am sure in about 30 minutes i will have forgotten, overwhelmed by my life and the things i need to do, my chores, my daily activities...my life.

and all this was compounded when NPR ended Jimmy Page's interview and began a story about a homeless man who was trying to re-assimilate into society by helping others find lost money that the state of NY owed them. most of his story is about others denying his existence, much in the same way i denied i even saw that kitten.

we are a terrible species.
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you were the last high

there is so much stuff i want to talk about and so little time....

as i posted on Donewaiting, appears Apple understands how to woo music listeners: planned for thursday is a meeting with several indie labels, including Matador and Sub-pop, about bringing their catalogs to iTunes. this is awsome news and i am sure an attempt by Apple to distance themselves from Real's new offerings and the in the works Microsoft/AOL cabal.

a buddy sent me an email saying that his company CEO(owner) had done the following: since they do a ton of work for HP and HP has a plan that doesn't allow work to be publised in the last 2 weeks of the year, this 'smart' CEO(owner) decided to make her employees take from Dec 22-Jan 2 off. neat, right? free holiday? ummm, no. you either have to spend your vacation time (7 days worth) or not get paid for those days. is this legal? is it right? i don't want to go off on a Dennis Miller here, but...wait, yes i do:

it is pretty typical of small business owners to be very in-touch with their cost structure and their margins. it is also pretty typical for small business owners (at least the ones i have worked for) to be completely clueless when it comes to balancing work vs. employee needs/wants/desires/happiness. this is just another instance proving that many small business owners who are successful are as such in spite of their efforts, not because of them. this is quite possibly the most moronic thing i have heard this year. so this jackass owner is going to give her employees a meager two weeks of vacation a year and then legislate that they need to spend over 50% of those days during a period of her choosing? and is going to pop this change to the employees in June? why even call it vacation? seriously makes my blood boil because i have worked for jackasses like this and it just reinforces why most places that you end up working suck. i guess that's why they call it "work" because if we enjoyed it, it would be called something else.

TiVo is going to begin selling its user data to advertisers and all i can say is, "about damn time!" the data will be aggregated and only tracable to zip+4 codes, but it will show advertisers what people are watching and how much they fast forward (through commericals.) since the TiVo user base, roughly 700K, is larger than the Neilsen sampling base, this will give TV viewers (who own a TiVo) a bigger voice in telling TV execs what they like and what blows. now please take all "reality" TV off the air. please?

Justin Frankel is at it again. that dude rules!

lastly, not only are people in Hong Kong ahead in the technology race, but they are ahead in how it trickles down. way to go early-adopter pimps! wonder if we will see commericals for this use here in the U.S.?

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greed is a concert strategy?

interesting article in today's WSJ about my favorite radio station and concert monopoly, Clear Channel Communications. seems that Clear Channel has been suffering - poor concert attendance is cutting into their bottom line. as must be required by any business that works in the entertainment industry, Clear Channel is/was doing some pretty stupid stuff. let's see, instead of booking artists and giving them a take of the true sales of an event, they instead did things like paid Peter Gabriel upwards of $600K per show and then jacked the prices to an average of $91/ticket, expecting to rake in the dough to cover their talent expenditure. yeah, re-read that sentence a few times if you don't understand how utterly MORONIC that is, as a business practice. so in the post-9/11 world (yes, 9/11 has effected sales, so they say (and i believe)), the bookings in Clear Channels 106 concert venues have been down, thus pushing their profits down. well, duh. maybe if they made ticket prices reflect the true value of what they were selling, but instead, just like record labels, they rope themselves into silly contracts with upfront costs in the hopes of recouping on the backend sales: very stupid and greedy.

in a follow-up: the Sony ear buds i mentioned here are really awsome. i used them all week and then this was my first weekend to have them for lawn duty. b/c they seal the ear canal, they really block out the noise associated with the mower/edger/blower, i would say maybe as much as 90%. that translates into the ability to listen to music at a lower level and hear more of the intricacies of the songs. this weekend was The Dandy Warhols Welcome To The Monkeyhouse (album title stolen from Vonnegut) in spin. good good stuff.

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