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not really the gift you want to get from a friend....

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luck be a lady, tonight
well, poker "season" is almost over. "there's a poker season?", you ask. well, i think many people would tell you that the culmination of a year's play resides at the World Series of Poker, specifically the $10,000 buy-in main event. sure, sure there will be WPT events, Fox's Full Tilt event, more heads-up challenges, etc, but if you were training and trying to peak for one particular time, July 7-15, 2005 might be your aim. it's the Tour de France of poker, for crisssakes.

in that frame, i have tried my hand at winning an entry in the various ways: i played several brick & mortar tournaments, never fairing well enough to play for the $10K prize; i've played a handful of online tournaments, not doing too well either. this past Sunday, i made what might be my last attempt for 2005 and ended up 113th out of 210. three seats were being awarded. nothing more disheartening than getting your money in with the worst of it: AA versus my suited AK. while i did get four-to-the-flush on the flop, harrumph, i did not suckout. why put all my money in on what i had to guess was a race? b/c i had previously seen this player risk her tournament with A Q - i figured that if she had caught JJ or QQ then she'd be trying to double up again. i know, i know, it would still be a race where i was a slight dog, but look, you have to win some races to do well in tournaments. you can't simply sit and wait for cards. while i could have played for another hour, patiently hoping to catch a few hands and rake in some pots, past experience has shown me that all that does is waste an hour of my time, Mr. Hand. how? well, after patiently waiting for so long, i would have been blinded down fairly low, making doubling and tripling up necessary, and even then, i would have needed to win some races. A K looked like a huge hand - and it almost was. (re-reading this it sounds like i am trying to convince myself i did the right thing...hindsight and all is a bitch.)

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play it again, Sam
i took some of my dirty, dirty heads-up money and played in this...

top three finishers go on to this...

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i'm over and i know it

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in your honor
so here is a short recycle from my post that was devoured on Tuesday...

big ups to my alma mater for making it to the final 8 in the College World Series. first time since 1978 - hopefully this will be the year we go all the way. looks like Baylor is 5:1 to take it all.

little bit of info: i like Chuck Palahniuk, if you couldn't tell from my list of books in queue. Otter shot me this link a bit ago...just now getting around to it.

ok, i can't take it...we gotta move on to new content. hit it after the jump!
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if you want a friend, feed any animal
i had a big, long post today...and then greymatter ate it b/c my ISP upgraded my server files and in doing so changed the path for my PERL scripts; thus, post go bye-bye.

instead of trying to redo it all at this late hour, enjoy these:

goede nacht!
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so why should we care?



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wake up, stop dreaming
i am tired, so i might call it a night.

i keep waiting for FTP to kick me in the ding-ding. i am sure it is coming, so i am enjoying my time with my family jewels....

and the reinvestment:

ah the low limits.

gute Nacht!
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sunshine to the rain
i think i like heads-up...

played two late this evening and won both. used my winnings to try to win a close:

hard to gauge how i am playing. i feel so out of sorts, mostly from lack of play i think, but maybe from playing those long arse rounds in New Orleans. i really want to play some more long round tournaments...need to travel.

jump me!
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Charm the wolves with the eyes of a gambler
define addiction:

due to work being more busy than Divine Brown at the RNC (100% booked last weekend, 100% booked for this weekend, when does it ever end??), i just am not getting much poker time. heck, i am not getting much Brently time. anyway, i did sit down last night in a semi-lucid state and managed to stomp an SnG, so it looks like June 19th will be my last go round for the WSOP.

enjoy the freebie in last night's post!
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ps - thx Otter!
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