just like everything else, those ol' crazy dreams just kinda came and went
i have been busier than i can speak about. and since i finally had 4 hours off this afternoon, i am exactly one bottle of Syrah in.

that said, lemme run some thoughts, numbers, and shiet at ya'.....
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i'm a long gone daddy
i am oot of pocket for few days. hopefully i will find a hotspot at the hospital.

i'll leave you with the highest VP$IP i have ever seen. i don't care if it is 6-handed...he was still putting money in 9 out of 10 hands for almost 30 hands.

i think Teddy KGB said it best: "berry aggressiave."

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just see the last post title, it still fits
sometimes you can make the right read and the right play and still...
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well, you wouldn't put a donkey in a Kentucky Derby, would you?
the above audio clip is thanks to my new Sprint Pocket PC. i read exactly one review (the one linked) and bought it. my last phone will be my last Motorola phone ever. POS! why a Pocket PC? in the famous words of John Blutarsky, "why not?!"

honestly, it was 75% want and 25% need (and future need at that.) it will allow me to check my email while holed up in the hospital with my Mom on Tuesday (length of stay unknown, ailment = colon resectioning due to diverticulitis.) her two other heart stints are pending her healing from this procedure. it's hell getting old. i gotta find a way to do all the things i want in the next 2.5 years so i can crash and burn before 40!
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and when the worrying starts to hurt
still playing a little catch-up. Memorial Day kicked my ass again, running the shop essentially empty handed and having not one but two new employees to deal with. all in all, slowly but surely i am going to escape. i swear...

got a rare day off today, as traffic is light and Dar is having better luck moving around. also helps to have two extra peeps to act as her legs. can't wait to actually start looking for jobs...that said, i am sure i'll regret saying that once i see the market place and what passes for quality employment these days. bitter much? nah, not me.

anyway, not much time, as i want to catch up on some other crap that i have been lagging in, but hit the jump for my meager May stats.
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