But they use a secret language and you gotta speak the tongue

sorry for the lack of updates - i must admit it is pure laziness. just being honest.

Dar's shop is kicking arse and taking names. ok, seriously, it is far more successful than we expected for it's first month of operation, which ends July 25th. i expect the profit margin to actually work out to about 2.5 times operational costs for the first month - which is nice. what is scary is that boarding has been far more of the margin than we estimated. this means months like Sept. and Oct. could be thin - these are generally boarding free months.

if you haven't been keeping up, Lance Armstrong has gone from shadow to ruler in the Tour de France. he is truly a special athlete. i don't know the guy from Adam - i am not his spouse nor his child, but as far as i can tell, he is a pretty special guy. let's hope, unlike some, he does not become ignorant and stupid in his success.

i like simple stories that offer insights into complex business problems. whether this is one is actually true or not, it still makes a keen point.

should i be scared that i agree with this guy? seriously...i am frightened. where are the Four Horsemen?

Four Horsemen? oh, they must be pulling the carriage to this prom. seriously - i weep for humanity.

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Let's just do this

it was an amazing day - AMAZING!

if Lance wins his 5th straight tour, tieing Indurain in that feat and joining other 5 time winners such as Merckx and Anquetil, then the USPS can jump their rates for 1st class postage to $.50 - i won't complain. promise.
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i was the typo, you were the liquid paper

as a follow-up to last night's post, i present you with hot dog origami!

also, please allow me to present other things that make you go, "god damn!"...and its doppelganger

happy bidding!
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they were the shrewdest unit movers

i love business. i mean it. i love the fact that any moron with an idea can launch a business and attempt to live out their dreams. i love the machinations of how businesses succeed or fail and i love the stories that go with those events.

so without further ado, i present Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Octodog.

the hot doughnuts light is on!
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now listen to a story about a man named....

Buddy Ebsen died Sunday at age 95.

growing up i remember watching Buddy on Barnaby Jones every week with my mom; i even named my snowshoe Siamese cat after his character on that show. i also have many a fond memory of watching The Beverly Hillbillies everyday after school. i am sure there are many more latch-key kids who did just the same.

funny the things from childhood that stick, isn't it. meanwhile, current 7-13 year old kids today are growing up with American Idol. wonder how that going is to effect their adult memories? heh.

R.I.P., Buddy!
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i think about the complications

happy Fourth of July!! oh, crap, wait i missed it.

spent all weekend (and Friday the 4th too) working at Dar's shop. it was a madhouse. seriously, mad house. the brightside is that she made some coin, made a lot of customers happy (and hopefully customers for life), and enjoyed running her own show...the darkside is that we spent about 12-16 hours a day at the shop and both are just whipped. we also learned some valuble lessons, such as:
* no German shepherds - evar.
* if your dog is not neutered, then it ain't stayin' with us.
* beagles are inbred...the entire lot.

anyway, i need to re-acquaint myself with my couch, tv and TiVo...all three are sure i am M.I.A.

speaking of TiVo - god bless it. is there a better show on regular tv than Scrubs? seriously. just top notch, top notch!

well, that's the short of it...maybe i will get around to the long version later.

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Eternity's a terrible thought. I mean, where's it all going to end?

today is Tom Stoppard's birthday - he is 69 years old.

i was fortunate enough to have a great highschool AP English teacher, who assigned us Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead after we finished Hamlet. reading Stoppard's work then lead me to read Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, which fully brought me into fold of existentialism...the result is the bitter man i am today - so thanks to Stoppard and my highschool English teacher! heh.

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you spin me right round baby

busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy

i guess you get the point!

Dar's shop opened on June 25, 2003 and it has been non-stop fun and excitement ever since! the July 4th holiday is going to be a busy time for us and should really be a great opportunity to gain some new customers.

i want to give big thanks to Heather Giesel-Cobb, who has been helping Dar whenever the need arises - you rule, H!!

as for me, besides doing duty as bather, cleaner, fix-it man, and all-season poop scooper, i also have been pretty busy at my work. as usual, when dealing with clients it is always "gimme gimme gimme" and they wanted it all yesterday. i really need a day away from my work; maybe by mid-to-late July, if i am lucky. :-X

ADP laid off another 1/3 of the Next Gen employees. as predicted, they are moving all coding responsibilites off shore (this is a polite way to say "India"), i guess in the hopes of saving on costs. would it be wrong of me to hope that their project fails miserably? well, tough, b/c i do anyway. so basically all that is left is topline managers and the last of the most knowledgable developers. amazing turn of events - a business book of how not to do application development is buried in that quagmire.

the iPod Top Ten (ranked by minutes)
1. Metallica = 653:37
2. Spiritualized = 472:39
3. Mogwai = 405:36
4. Smashing Pumpkins = 374:58
5. Yo La Tengo = 315:29
6. Joy Division = 308:07
7. Camper Van Beethoven = 292:22
8. Radiohead = 279:55
9. Local H = 235:12
10. Cracker = 226:08

lots of Mogwai has been played lately. newest additions to the iPod are the latest American Analog Set as well as the newest Jaga Jazzist. good stuff!

advance to go, collect $200.
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