there's a club if you'd like to go
in 1986 i was 16. i had just moved from Baton Rouge, La to Kingwood, TX. Kingwood is a suburb on the Northern edge of Houston, often referred to as Deadwood amongst the kids.

i was lucky in my move: though new to Kingwood, i was very familiar with Houston; my mom lived in the center of Houston (The Heights) and i had been visiting her every two week since i was ten or eleven (a condition of my parents divorce when i was six). so although i had little in the scope of friends in Kingwood, i knew Houston like the back of my hand and felt comfortable navigating its depths.

when i arrived in Kingwood in 1986 i was a junior. i had spent the last several years in private, Baptist schooling in Baton Rouge and was pretty green. i was also just hitting my growth spurt, dropping my early teen baby fat as i mysteriously grew two inches in what seemed like two months.

Kingwood High School was a whole new world for me. i left a high school where i knew everyone - i mean everyone: the teachers, principals, lower classmates, upper classmates, parents; the whole damn school had about 200 people in it. i was #4 in my class of about 50. my class in Kingwood had over 800. the school was like an airport in size. and the school had one of everything: jocks, heads, gays, goths, punks, skaters, nerds, dweebs, dorks…i was so far behind the curve, i didn't even fit into one of the last three of those.

but i semi-skateboarded and i wore my bangs long, a la Tony Hawk and Mike McGill during that era. heck, i had an original Tony Alva deck, purchased at Houston's only "pro" skate shop - Surf House on Ella. so while awkward and friendless, i had potential.

about a year before my move i was lucky enough to stumble into the burgeoning club scene in Houston. i was also lucky that as a resident of Louisiana, i had a driver's license at fifteen. oh, and lucky my mom in all her wisdom would let me go willy-nilly around Houston in her car as long as i came home "around" midnight. thanks mom.

so in 1986 i already knew of Houston's club scene. and the music scene. while i think the advance state of my music was the usual Top 40 fodder, i knew where Record Rack was and at least was interested.

somehow at Kingwood High i befriended two nice guys: Chris and Greg. Girbauds were in, as were tight-rolled jeans and such designers as Byblos and Willie Smith. Greg and Chris clued me into life in Kingwood. and luckily my mom allowed me to foolishly spend tons of money on trendy clothes, which would allow me to somewhat fit in with my classmates.

the three of us would go every weekend into Houston, to clubs like NRG, Therapy, Power Tools, and #s. i developed a sense of rhythm and even better, a sense of music. goth, alternative, anything on 4AD or IRS....

somehow, even though the scene was mobbed up with drugs and alcohol, i managed to hold off until i hit college. that said, i know that for many these songs will stir memories of wigging, frying, or just being blasted drunk.

while i could make a list three times as long, i wanted a few songs that would fit on a CD, the ones that reminded me most of that era from 1986-1998 or so. a great majority of these were staples at #s. i have loving memories of each night closing down with The Smith's "How Soon Is Now." and although not on this list, i remember the night Al Jourgensen stopped by to give Bill his studio copy of "Beers, Steers, and Queers," a song supposedly penned for Bill and about the Houston club scene. #s always did like to spin Ministry, even the With Sympathy stuff.

anyway, hit the jump for my walk down memory lane....

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that's how you become great, man. you hang your balls out there.
i've been a bit surly the last couple of days...or weeks. my script ran out and although i had it called in and filled, i kept forgetting to pick it up. so i went about three weeks off my meds. not like i was going to turn into a serial killer or anything, but i can certainly tell that it effects my ability to withstand the onslaught of modern life; i was perfectly honest and true when i said i wanted to slap the shit out of some of the people at jury duty...i really wanted to!

anyway, last night i went off on some dillweed who sucked out on me in a tourney on Poker Stars. it wasn't that he sucked out on me per say, it was that his avatar was a pic of his kid and it was fucking ugly. seriously, the avatar was putting me on table tilt. so when he caught a 3 outer to send me to the rail, i went a little nuts. surprised i didn't get a PS chat warning email.

so this is my 3rd day back on my meds. it takes about 10-14 days to get back to normal, so please excuse any outburst in post form.

normally i would also apologize to Full Tilt here for my endless rant on them after the BBT Freezeroll. but i am not going to. Full Tilt really does have the best GUI in the online poker space. and their "Play with the Pros" and "Guarantee" tournaments are awesome selling points. but damn it, Jim, their tourney structures blow kittens and they truly have some of the worst support out there. i mean ePassporte-level support. shit-it-it-tay.

here's what should have happened the other night: the moment the tournaments froze system-wide, the website should have been updated to reflect the issue and the resolution path. as far as i could tell in my hour dealing with the freeze, this never happened. once the problem is resolved, emails should be flying out of Full Tilt like monkeys in The Wizard of Oz. i have yet to get ANY email regarding the issue. none. wtf, Full Tilt? step up for fuck sakes.

you know, i am not asking for anything physical; i am sure they refunded tourney buy-ins and it is not like i want something extra; i just want a site to treat me the way i treat my business' customers when issues arise: fix the problem, apologize, tell me how you are insuring it doesn't happen again, and move on. silence = death.

well, this Sunday is the uber-Sunday Million on PS. i have played five double-shootouts and not won a seat. in three of those five i have been bounced in hands where i was 70/30. ugh. so unless i win a seat on Sat, it is looking like i won't be playing in this one. since it is a $500 buyin, i am willing to play satellites for about 20% of the buyin, so i have some space left. we'll see.

ok, i think i got that all out. maybe more later. i am going to go back to work now and make sure the code i have pushed to production isn't crashing HSBC. ;-)
posted @ 03:32 PM CST [link]the cops, the priest, the crisis line and nobody had a clue

tonight was the BBT Freeroll for the top 50 qualifiers. we're playing along, i have picked up some chips and then....


after repeatidly trying to login, i finally uninstall FTP and reinstall. still no luck. i can even tell if it is just me or the site.



great. just fucking great.

more news later.

22:31 will be 45 minutes to waiting for Full Tilt to get their shit together. i will not be waiting past that.

just as a note to myself, here was the last hand i was dealt (time and table stacks)
Full Tilt Poker Game #3060119300: Battle of the Bloggers Freeroll (21599937), Table 5 - 25/50 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:30:15 ET - 2007/07/25
Seat 1: irongirl01 (1,975)
Seat 2: kaellinn18 (2,340)
Seat 3: willwonka (1,700)
Seat 4: sellthekids (3,735)
Seat 5: Julius_Goat (3,250)
Seat 7: oossuuu754 (3,065)
Seat 8: DDionysus (3,100)
Seat 9: leftylu (3,168)

we started with T2500.

UPDATE 07/26/07 23:00
hey Full Tilt, i appreciate the way you handled this issue. from a customer service standpoint, i love the lack of information that you posted on your website during the outage.

and then, as far as post-outage, i appreciate the complete lack of emails, postings, etc to let those of us involved in tournaments know wassup.

congrats. next to the U.S./Chinese dog food companies, you guys are a not-so-distant 2nd for WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVAR!

seriously, are you guys run by a bunch of fuckings shoe-gazers from Ireland? wtf is the issue? maybe fucking take a break from the Isle of Man.....

ps - please notice that i took your banner down. the pittance that you paid me monthly is not nearly worth the pleasure of calling a spade a spade. as reported on 2+2, you truly have the WORST customer service, or at least worst compared to Poker Stars.
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there ain't one thing in this world i can do about folks except laugh
in weekly world news, i had jury duty yesterday, which consisted of two hours of waiting to see if i would be selected for voir dire and then 3.5 hours of listening to some of Fort Bend county's dumbest answer as to why they should or should not be seated on the jury panel.

if i am ever arraigned on charges, please forgo the "jury of my peers." you stand a better chance of finding someone i would consider a peer amongst rabid squirrels in Kitty Hollow Park. seriously.

once segregated into our 36 person panel we were told to drive over to the county criminal court building. drive as in drive ourselves. we were given little maps and the sheriff hemmed and hawed about anyone getting lost and suggested we all follow him, like a funeral procession. we all arrived except two, who showed up 10 minutes late, having issues finding the criminal courthouse. right away, if i was the prosecuting attorney, i would have struck these two Nobel Laureate finalists. and the courthouse was about 4 min and 6 blocks away. theoretically you could have walked it easier. so poor.

next up we were lined up in sextets and then lead into court for the voir dire. how lucky was i to be in between two women, both of whom had hips greater than 48”? seriously, built like bowling pins. i was hot and squished for 3.5 hour. great.

to make matters worse, the brain cell donor on my left kept answering other people's questions in sotto voce, usually adding the Sunday church mumblings of, "amen" and "tell it." so poor, times two.

the case? get ready: 16 year-old juvenile on trial for possession and distribution of less than 1/4 ounce of marijuana on a school campus. the case would have several witnesses, including law enforcement, school administrators, and a corroborative witness, i.e. the party who bought the drugs. no eye witnesses.

less than 1/4OZ? what, a fucking joint? are you kidding? what is the cost of this bullshit holy war? let's see, one judge, two, yes, two prosecuting attorneys, stenographer, bailiff, plus a defense attorney, 6 jury members, the court room, electricity, etc.

and in juvenile cases, there is no "guilty/not guilty" finding. it is a matter of finding "true/false" on the cause...since there will be no jail time and the State is not "prosecuting" per say, as they are “petitioning”. all this legalese pretty much meant the state was bucking for boot camp and possible family separation a la CPS. great.

the kid- avg height, weight, etc - looked like he could work for me at our shop. his mom was with him, visibly nervous and strained. the kid looked resigned.

anyway, i was from the outset apathetic to the entire process. a lot of time was spent of defining "beyond a reasonable doubt" and listening to this amalgamation of society's finest answer with their beliefs on children, drugs, our school system, etc. it was tough to not slap the shit out of several of those seated around me.

while the "petitioning" attorney spent much of his time trying to shape his questions to sound like the state was on the child's side and to try to include as many of these mouth-breathers as possible, the defense attorney spent most of her time trying to get to the root of those who would or would not be unbiased. and let's be honest, it would be hard to not be unbiased in this case: 16 yr old black make, sitting in a court room, charged with drug possession, facing witnesses from school administrators. i can only assume he didn't plead out b/c of the pending trip to boot camp and probably the loss of his mom as sole caretaker.

great set-up, state of Texas. you guys got this drug/children issue down. btw - please turn 18 so you can smoke and 21 so you can drink as much as you like. we tax those “sins.” fucking idiots.

the boiling point came at the end when the defense attorney allowed the 36 of us the chance to opt-out of being chosen by explaining why we would not be a good juror, either due to personal beliefs, biases, etc. not one, but two jackasses said they would not make good jurors b/c they are small business owners and are sooooooo busy that they would be distracted and could not provide a fair trial to this kid.

are you kidding? in the opening the judge told us the trial would more than likely complete on Wed - so you are losing one day of work in addition to the one you have already lost. one day. these mother fuckers can’t lose 12 hours to do their duty of service? and we wonder why as a country we are fucked? no one wants ANY responsibility. we all want a say, but we all want someone else to do the lifting. makes me angry thinking about it.

in the end, i was not chosen. widebody to my left, who spent all her time trying to fit the questions of the lawyers to her personal experiences was. wonder if gender and race had anything to do with that?

anyway - i pity us as a nation. i continue to bug my wife about moving...i think Vancouver, BC would be great. Dar mentioned Paris. of course, she thinks i am joking. i think i could wrap my life up here and be gone by Dec. no lie.

and think, i would miss the next Presidential election.

posted @ 11:15 AM CST [link]No Give and Take. No Exchange of Thought. It gets you nowhere, particularly if the other person's tail is only just in sight for the second half of the conversation.
PokerStars Game #11120747761: Tournament #56059840, $12+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Match Round I, Level V (75/150) - 2007/07/24 - 23:47:54 (ET)
Table '56059840 3' 8-max Seat #6 is the button
Seat 3: sellthekids (4800 in chips)
Seat 6: stiritup24 (7200 in chips)
stiritup24: posts small blind 75
sellthekids: posts big blind 150
Dealt to sellthekids [4d 5h]
stiritup24: calls 75
sellthekids: checks
* FLOP * [3s 5c 4c]
sellthekids: bets 300
stiritup24: raises 300 to 600
sellthekids: raises 450 to 1050
stiritup24: raises 6000 to 7050 and is all-in
sellthekids: calls 3600 and is all-in
* TURN * [3s 5c 4c] [2h]
* RIVER * [3s 5c 4c 2h] [Jc]
sellthekids: shows [4d 5h] (two pair, Fives and Fours)
stiritup24: shows [Ad As] (a straight, Ace to Five)
stiritup24 collected 9600 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 9600 | Rake 0
Board [3s 5c 4c 2h Jc]
Seat 3: sellthekids (big blind) showed [4d 5h] and lost with two pair, Fives and Fours
Seat 6: stiritup24 (button) (small blind) showed [Ad As] and won (9600) with a straight, Ace to Five

i called this donkey a luckbox and his reply was, "luck box?"

dear donkey,

you limped aces preflop heads up with position; a trapping move, but risky, IMHO. you got all your money in pre-flop as a loser and hit a sixteen-outer (by the river - board could have paired.) getting all the money in wasn't tough b/c you called twice and as per your entire play at the table, had no thoughts of what might be out there. you simply cannot lay a hand down, which is fine EXCEPT in situations when you limp big hands to trap; then reads and the ability to know when you are beat are paramount.

i could have had a set, the top end straight, etc. all you figured was, "I GOT ACES - BET BET BET!".

so yes, you are a luckbox...and a donkey.


ps - don't misconstrue this as anger. i need donkeys like stiritup24; they allow me to play in the Sunday Million for a fraction of the cost.
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call me what you want as long as you don't call me broke
busted out of the Poker Stars Sunday Million earlier. went out 698th turning my $12 into a little more than $400. all in all, i am pretty bummed out with my performance.

i recall Joe Sebok on PokerWire Radio talking about something Barry G told him: if you bust out on a hand where you got it all in and had a bigger stack take you out, the person to blame is yourself; why did you let yourself get low enough to need to get it all in? Barry's point was, the mistakes you made prior to that hand are to blame for your situation. see the chapter in Ace On The River discussing chaos theory.

so even though i started the level i busted in with a perfectly average stack, my M was a paltry 11. i then proceeded to bluff off 2/3 of my stack to a guy who had shown himself to be a suckout artist (congrats CA MTNeer!) so although i had a gutshot and i was pretty sure he was bluffing with a hand worse than mine, i could not call his turn bet that would have essentially put me all in. that left me with T30K+. shitty. so i played this hand poorly and then suffered a bust out when 2-3o in the BB rivered a Wheel. i was leading to the river with my 10-7o. no joke.

anyway, cry me a river, blah, blah, blah; these stories are not new. but i really was unhappy with my play at the end. even though it seemed like it was only one hand, sometimes all it takes is one.

ps - notice JohnnyBax busted right above me in 696th. heh.

jump for more news.....
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there is a time in every mans education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide
sometimes mistakes can be funny.

last night i played in a tourney on Poker Stars - $2+$.20. i thought i was playing in a satellite for the Sunday Million. except it said satellite for the Sunday $100000. uh, missing a zero there chief. so i won entry into a $10+$1 tourney. ok, fine. not what i was expecting, but ok.

so tonight i actually paid attention: i signed up for a double shootout for the Sunday Million. historically, i am not great at double shootouts. i can win my first table a fair percentage of the time, but closing the second table has been my bane.

i am monkeying with my tourney game - a lot. i am in the middle of several books, the best of which i think is the Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition. i have read several of the chapters more than twice, and i am wearing out Gavin Smith's chapter on big stack play.

in other news, i am thinking of moving more of my tourney play to Poker Stars. the structures there, as far as round times and limits, are better than Full Tilt's. i love Full Tilt; their GUI is the best in the market. and i like their tournament buy-ins and guarantees. but 10 minute rounds are bullshit. 10 minute rounds are what the crappy live rooms in Houston run. why? their goal is to get you to play live when you bust out during WPT-like blind escalation. why does Full Tilt not match Poker Stars 12 and 15 minute rounds? no idea. i mean, some idea: i know it deals with formulas and earn rates, etc. but for a site that is populated and run by pros, you would think they would get the idea that the structures suck ass. i heard more interviews with Full Tilt pros during the WSOP bitching about the limit structures. hello - remove the plank from thy own eye there, HeyZeus.

so, this Sunday i will be trying my hand at Poker Stars, in both the $100K and Million guarantees. i really have not played there in at least four months, so maybe it will be good for my game. i am sure of one thing, the fields will be huge and the prize pool will be ginormous. weee!

if anyone reading this and is a member of Poker X Factor or Card Runners, please let me know. i am considering each and don't really know which is better. and at least in the beginning, i am only getting one.

posted @ 11:54 PM CST [link]let them hate me as long as they fear me
i played in a live $100 NLHE tourney on sat. 30 min levels, with somewhat crappy blind escalation (remember these local clubs want you playing raked games, not tourneys.) they had 200+ players! they only had seating for 140, so there were 60+ alternates. amazing.

i played well, but made several mistakes and ended up almost blinding out in 24th place. only top twenty payed.

the most major mistake was after the third break, with blinds at 1K/2K (no antes) and my M at about 5 (which sadly was average) i decided to play conservative and hope to pickup a hand. bad decision.

i should have been much more aggressive. being card dead is no excuse for performance.

anyway, i was pretty sad at busting out of the money. 1st was $6K+. but it was my fault and i knew it. my game still needs work.

in other news, my desktop at home is all setup again. new 350GB HDD with Vista installed. had to get a new sound card b/c the other was not Vista compatible. went ahead and bought new speaker setup too. oh yeah, and since this is Vista, i am now running 3GB of memory. resource hog!

posted @ 09:55 PM CST [link]kelevra
been a while, welcome, have a seat. today will be all seat-of-the-pants non-sequiters, so if that ain't your thing....

be honest with yourself, corporate american pigdog peons: out of a forty hour week, you are lucky to get 15 hours of "real" work done. come clean.

is there greater joy than getting to the office first and getting to bust the cherry of the nightly cleaned shitters? doubtful....

clamato sounds sick. but i think it is great in your shitty bud light. nice hand, sir.

fat is demeaning. i prefer "brandoesque".

making a mistake in NLHE is only compounded by making it with ace-jack.

i am so sick of hearing all the iShit. sure, it looks great. nice screen. awsome browser. so can we move on now? iJesusChrist....

i am going to buy a Wii. you don't need to talk me into it. i am just gonna do it. i am a consumer. i am american. and Bush told me to.

dear American Express: we regret to inform you that your commercials with faux social responsibility are missing by a mile. seriously, how much are you spending on the air time alone? and how much did you cough up to Donny Deutsch to make that shitty air spot? and you are going to donate a million to one lucky winner to give to his charity? fsck you.

the new Spoon album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, makes me giddy.

for my 40th b-day, i will either win or buy my way into the WSOP...that's July 2011. fmitga.

see god, Kai.

dear corporate megabusiness, we regret to inform you that [insert employee's name here] morale and drive to work has died. in future events, please never schedule a national day off in the middle of the week. kind regards, your government.

sleep is in fact where i am a viking.

the poorest developed skill of ANY employee at ANY business is the ability to listen. it is also the most valuable.

at what point does David Cross get to be called prescient?

UPDATE: 07/21/07
the Wii arrived yesterday. ZOMG - it is so fun. the bowling is awsome and super addictive. haven't even tried any other games. had to buy 3 remotes ($40 a pop!) and then i got Wii Play. rented Zelda, Barnyard, Monkeyball....we'll see if they get played at all or if Dar and i just bowl for days. high score so far: me with 201! look out Gavin Smith.....

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