run awaaaaaaaaay!
well, like all the lemmings, we are evacuating Missouri City and heading to central Texas. we were lucky enough to secure a cabin on beautiful Lake Whitney, so while all of our earthly possession might be swept away, at least we're getting a four day vacation!

god's speed to those travelling; remain out of harm's way!
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you can't always get what you want
i have some guilty little pleasures...
posted on Mon, 09.12.05 @ 07:21 PM CST [more..]

outta site, outta mind
due to a small bug in Full Tilt's hand history program, i don't have all the minutiae from this hand, but trust me, besides exact chip stacks, i know the is burned into my heart.
posted on Sat, 09.10.05 @ 03:07 PM CST [more..]

now i ain't sayin she a gold digger
luck maybe a lady, but she's a trifling bitch.

i haven't had a rant post in a while. today might be the day...we'll see how it goes. make the jump and crown me for more of the same.
posted on Thu, 09.08.05 @ 11:10 AM CST [more..]

kick a buck
about to begin play in the WCOOP Event #4 - Pot Limit Hold'em. the entrant count doubled in the last 10 minutes. seriously. hit the jump for some semi-minute by semi-minute updates
posted on Wed, 09.07.05 @ 01:59 PM CST [more..]

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