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as i sit here using iTunes to play The London Suede's "Asbestos" from Head Music i keep thinking, "wow, wow, wow!" it is a pretty good piece of software: sleek, intuitive, and does a limited amount of tasks well.

i think if you look at software as a whole, many apps violate those three key points; software should be sleek, cool, interesting to use and play with. iTunes is all that. it certainly is more interesting and über than MS' media player 9x. beyond looking cool, i have yet to open a help file and yet i can find almost all the tasks that i think i need. tag editor? oh, there it is, right where i would put it. add files to library? yeap, let's put that under File. sync the iPod with my library? easy-smeasy. the entire interface is pretty easy to get used to and to use. lastly, Apple hasn't tried to put the whole damn kitchen sink in iTunes; it does a few tasks really well: download/buy music, sync the iPod, and play songs. sure it burns CDs, sure you can use it to make billions of playlists, etc etc etc. but the core functions are what standout and they work as needed. anyway, i like it. ;-)

the longer we run our business, the more i am confronted with what i used to preach when i worked at HDS: the customer is rarely right and will lie/cheat/steal to get every advantage they can. every day i am amazed with the level of chicanery that our customers try to whip out on us. yesterday a lady called and asked if she could "borrow" our back yard so she could play with her dog for a few hours. seriously. "borrow". yeah, yeah - she lives in a townhouse, has some new adopted/rescued dog and wanted a place to run/play with it. never mind that we, as a business, offer a very similar service called "daycare" where we charge a nominal fee for allowing pets to use our backyard. just crazy. well, today said customer decided to bring her dog in for daycare - she blew that big $10 for 12 hours of daycare (yeah, $.83/hour). she returns in the late afternoon to pick her dog up and she smells like a brewery. seriously. just craziness. anyway, there are hundreds of stories like this. people are just wacky, and pet owners are some of the most psychotic of the bunch. if nothing else, hopefully it helps me learn some patience and restraint; i could use it.

ok, i am off for my nightly Jon Stewart fix. enjoy!
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i got a new computer and a bright future in sales

greetings and salutations from the great corporate escaper....

hope all is well with my friends slogging it out in the vast slums of corporate hell. can't say that i can complain - while i work roughly 85 hours a week (yes, seriously, 85 hours a week - i easily double most people's puny 40 hour work weeks) i truly can say that it is a labor of love. it also helps to be so busy i rarely can think about how fricking busy we are ;-)

shop is doing well and we are all happy. been doing a good bit of advertising and we are pretty much running at 70-80% capacity most of the week. thanksgiving and christmas are booked solid and we have taken 50% deposits to ensure all these people will in fact show. per our hopes and my fathers business acumen, we are already scouting sites for the construction of a new facility - which we hope to do instead of renewing the lease when it expires in 18 months. of course, a lot can change in that amount of time....

we have a new puppy - Zoe. well, we've had her for 4.5 weeks now and she is 9 weeks old. she is tiny and won't get bigger than about 5-6 lbs. she does draw a vast amount of gawkers into the shop, so never underestimate the power of a puppy!

Dar is on a new diet, which has prompted me to start exercising a little. since leaving (leaving? how about being summarily shown the door) ADP in Feb 2003 at a maximum weight of 220 lbs, i have lost roughly 30 lbs, all pretty much from not being chained to a desk in an environment where i felt compelled to seek daily refuge by eating out. i figure with a little exercise i can get down to a portly 180 here soon, maybe by x-mas. so i hit West End and dropped a little cash to upgrade the old Ibis. i have been riding to and from the shop a little (2/3 times a week) and gotta say is has been so nice. sunday AM rides are very pretty: light traffic and peace and quiet.

iTunes recently launched for Windows and i must say that in my small amount of use, i find it is highly amazing. kudos to Apple for making something sleak and sweet, and for making me want to pay to download what i could seek out for free.

well, just a short note - i am off to watch my Tivo-delayed Jon Stewart session.

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